Stephanie Cutter, Obama Deputy Campaign Manager, Steps Up Attacks on Mitt Romney

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Stephanie Cutter, Obama Deputy Campaign Manager, Steps Up Attacks on Mitt Romney (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

The Obama campaign is stepping up its assault on Mitt Romney, with Stephanie Cutter, deputy campaign manager, sending out a graphic email listing “five facts about Mitt Romney’s secrecy.” It cuts deep and she isn’t backing down from her “felony” claim either:

Friend —

The more everyone finds out about Mitt Romney’s finances, the more questions they have. Perhaps that’s why he’s hiding as much as he thinks he can get away with.

Today, The Boston Globe reported that Romney was still running Bain Capital two years after he claims he left the firm, directly contradicting his campaign’s denial that he was involved in deals that led to layoffs, bankruptcies, and American jobs getting shipped overseas.

It’s a pattern of secrecy, and this is just the latest example of him trying to hide the truth from voters. There are a number of issues in play right now — and voters deserve answers:

1) Mitt Romney refuses to release multiple years of taxes, ignoring decades of precedent.

2) He won’t disclose his “bundlers,” the people raising millions for his campaign.

3) He is the sole owner of a questionable shell corporation in Bermuda.

4) Until recently, Romney kept cash in a Swiss bank account.

5) According to the Globe, he hasn’t been honest about when he was running Bain Capital, even though legal documents refute his claims.

Please forward this email and share this with everyone you know who cares about the outcome of this election.

Everyone deserves the right to judge for themselves whether Romney’s motivations, experience, and perspective are what they want in a president. But Mitt Romney doesn’t want people to have the information they need to make those judgments.

More to come,


Stephanie Cutter
Deputy Campaign Manager
Obama for America

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  • You know Janet – I always wondered how the Obama campaign was going to get Americans to look past the 3 straight years of $1T+ deficits while proclaiming that they are “Financial Hawks” that are competent in running the government.

    WHO KNEW that Romney’s finances would be under more scrutiny than the catastrophe seen in the federal budget.

    I should have guessed it though.
    Every time Obama proposes a “Tax Cut For The Middle Class ONLY” and no one notes that the “Tax Increase on the Rich” is only a mount of money that the US government runs on for 8 DAYS – I realize that the “Activist Press” is more interested in IDEOLOGICAL MARGINALIZATION than they are in retaining their composure about the big scheme of things.

  • adam12

    I think that it’s funny that they can talk about Mr. Romney’s past but we do not know anything about Barry’s past!