Syndicated Black Columnist Clarence Page Spoke at Rally for Iran’s Mujahadin-e Khalq

Clarence Page pro-militant Iranian group
Syndicated Black Columnist Clarence Page Spoke at Rally for Iran’s Mujahadin-e Khalq (Getty Images)

Why did syndicated black columnist Clarence Page appear at a rally in Paris in support of the Mujahadin-e Khalq (MEK)? MEK is an Iranian group that has been lobbying Washington to be removed from the U.S. government’s list of designated foreign terrorist organizations.

ProPublica:  Before a huge crowd waving portraits of MEK leaders Maryam and Massoud Rajavi as well as Iranian flags, Page called for the MEK to be removed from the official terrorist organization list.

Contacted about the appearance by ProPublica, Page said he has decided to give back his speaking fee for the event, as well as reimburse the cost of travel to and from France, which was paid for by a group called the Organizing Committee for Convention for Democracy in Iran.

“I thought they were simply a group of Iranian exiles who were opposed to the regime in Tehran,” Page said. “I later found out they can be construed as a MEK front group, and I don’t think it’s worth it to my reputation to be perceived as a paid spokesman for any political cause.”

Clarence Page was reportedly paid $20,000 plus travel expenses for the event, ProPublica reports. I am appalled that a man of such stature would feign ignorance as to his reason for being there. Incredible.

  • Kevin A

    He supported the only political opposition group against Iranian Regime, So what? They were taken of the terror list in UK and Europe in 2009 because it was unlawful, as it was said to only of been done to appease Iran. This october, the group are off the list in America too, and as they are the only organised group against Iranian regime – he has done a good thing to support the group and their cause.

    • Kevin — They are still on the terror list in the U.S. and so he shouldn’t have gone. If he didn’t think there would be blowback, why did he give the money back when ProPublica called him out? I seriously doubt the U.S. government will do anything to appease Iran.