Victims of James Holmes Shooting Rampage Include 6 YO Veronica Moser, Air Force Staff Sgt. Jesse Childress, John Thomas Larimer

Names of some of the victims in the Aurora massacre include Micayla Medek, Jon Blunk, Alex Sullivan, Matt McQuinn, John Thomas Larimer, AJ Boik, Alex Teves, Air Force Staff Sgt. Jesse Childress, Rebecca Wingo and six year old Veronica Moser.

Rebecca Wingo killed by James Holmes
Rebecca Wingo Among the 12 Killed by James Holmes During Shooting Rampage at New Batman Movie in Aurora CO (Photo Credit: Facebook)
The victims of James Holmes shooting massacre at the premiere of the new Batman movie, “Dark Knight Rises,” includes six year old Veronica Moser. Veronica’s mother, Ashley Moser, is listed in critical condition and reportedly doesn’t know her daughter died.

Among the dead are Air Force Staff Sgt. Jesse Childress and U.S. Navy sailor John Thomas Larimer. Larimer was stationed in Aurora, CO, and had been enlisted in the Navy for about six months. Staff Sgt. Jesse Childress was a reservist on active duty with 310 Force Support Squadron. The other victims that have been identified thus far are Micayla Medek (Cayla Medek), Matt McQuinn, Jon Blunk, Alex Sullivan, Alex Teves, Rebecca Wingo and AJ Boik.

Alex Teves recently earned his master’s degree in counseling psychology from the University of Denver, the Denver Post reports. Rebecca Wingo listed Joe’s Crab Shack as her employer on Facebook, and a manager at the restaurant in Aurora confirmed Wingo worked there, the newspaper reports.

Jon Blunk, 26, killed in the Aurora theater while trying to protect his girlfriend, Jansen Young, according to NBC News. His estranged wife, Chantel Blunk, who lives in Reno, NV, with their two children, told NBC News she was notified of his death by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Veronica Moser-Sullivan killed in Aurora shooting
Six Year Old Veronica Moser-Sullivan Among the 12 Killed in Aurora Movie Massacre, Mother Ashley Moser in Critical Condition

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    You should remove the ad for “Bad Idea” shirts from your site for this story. It’s showing a woman with a shirt that has a huge blood stain with the words “I’m fine” on it. The ad is right across from the picture of Rebecca Wingo, who was shot and killed in Aurora.

  • I knew something was telling me that little Veronica ws not with us anymore. I cry when i think how disappointed i am in Jesus as to why on his part and totally up in arms as to why this confused and deranged person would be judge and jury on their lifes.I loss my mother in Dec so… ”MOM Veronica will be there soon so hold her like you use to hold me when i was 6 and love on her so much. Please …explain to her Jesus watched over others like the girl who DIDN’T turn that boys apt door knob even though it was not locked and he had to take care of her mother who he saved to hold more beauttiful babies like her,MOM .most of all let her know its not her fault she isn;t with her mom no more,like you am me ..Hold her tight. MOM
    The world is going to miss her soo much,just like i do you ;
    This is all i want to say about this as i feel he is gettting all the attention he don’t deserve.
    Brains or no brains ,i don’t remember being taught this ..May all in Colorado hear my prayers for you and your family

  • Juliet Parker

    Marylou, you say you’re disappointed in Jesus. He gave life to Veronica and everyone else and understands how you feel because He expressed disappointment in God when He was dying to save the world. I therefore encourage you to talk to Him directly about this because the Bible teaches that He’s always in control.