#TEMPLESHOOTING: Sikh Temple Shooter, Covered in Tattoos, May Have Been Acting On Behalf of Violent Race Hate Group

#TEMPLESHOOTING:  The gunman who killed six people at a Sikh temple, including priest Parkash Singh, may have been acting on behalf of a violent race hate group (white supremacist), the LA Times reports. The shooter was reportedly covered in tattoos which led law enforcement officials to deem the massacre as an act of ‘domestic terrorism.’ The gunman, who reportedly just broke up with his girlfriend, was shot and killed in an exchange of gunfire with the first officer who responded to the scene.

The Sikh temple shooter, who recently rented a room in a Cudahy duplex, was allegedly wearing tactical gear and armed with a single handgun. He is described as a white male, in his thirties, with either bald or a shaved head.

ABC News on the hate group connection:

Though police have not given any details on the identity or motive of the shooter, or released the identities of the victims, sources have told ABC News the shootings are the work of a “white supremacist” or “skinhead.”

MSNBC on the shooter’s motivations:

Officials told NBC News the suspect, who served in the U.S. Army, had many tattoos. The suspect had some kind of radical or white supremacist views but, as far as officials said they had heard, he was not in any kind of radical organization. His previous run-ins with law enforcement involved in traffic offenses, they said.

Details from CNN about the tattoos:

The attack occurred about 10:30 a.m. (11:30 a.m. ET), when temple members were reading scriptures and cooking food in preparation for the main Sunday service and community lunch, said Kanwardeep Singh Kaleka, a member of the congregation and the nephew of its president.

Kaleka was not at the temple at the time of the shooting, but helped police interview witnesses in the aftermath. He said members described the attacker as a bald, white man, dressed in a white T-shirt and black pants and with a 9/11 tattoo on one arm — which “implies to me that there’s some level of hate crime there.”

Priest Parkash Singh Identified Among the Seven Killed in the Oak Creek WI Sikh Temple Shooting

#TEMPLESHOOTING:  The name of one of the victims in the Sikh temple shooting in Oak Creek WI is priest Parkash Singh. He reportedly lived in the Oak Creek area for several years and had recently returned to India to bring his wife, daughter and son to live with him in Wisconsin, the Journal Sentinel reports. The president of the temple, Satwant Kaleka, was shot in the back and is listed in critical condition.

The gunman’s home, located in the 3700 block of East Holmes Avenue in Cudahy, is being searched by police. His identity is known but not being released by law enforcement at this time.

Officials indicated no more information would be released until a briefing at 10 a.m. Monday. They said the FBI will lead the investigation. While some witnesses reported there may have been a second shooter, authorities said there was no indication of that. A hotline has been established for family members looking for information on those involved. The number is (888) 298-1964. Source: Journal Sentinel

Three people are listed in critical condition at Froedtert Hospital in what police have characterized as a domestic terrorist attack. That includes the wounded police officer who confronted the gunman.

From Greendale Patch:

As authorities searched a home in Cudahy Sunday evening believed to be the residence of the man who shot and killed six people at an Oak Creek Sikh temple, a woman whose son owns that home shed some light on the shooter.The mother of the suspect’s landlord told Patch Sunday she believed the man had “just broken up with his girlfriend.”

“He’s a renter,” said the woman, whom Patch is not identifying. “He’s new actually. He rented a room with my son.”

The woman said she is “completely freaked out” and that she believes her son found the man as a renter for his home in the 3700 block of E. Holmes Avenue “through an ad.”

“He lived with my son for three weeks, then the house across the street became empty, and he moved there,” she said.

Usain Bolt Defends Olympic Title Wins 100M at London Olympic, Yohan Blake Second, Justin Gatlin Third

NEWSFLASH:  Jamaica’s Usain Bolt Defends Olympic Title Wins at London Olympic, Yohan Blake Second, Justin Gatlin Third, Tyson Gay Fourth. 

Usain Bolt strikes like thunderball at London Olympics

Usain Bolt Defends Olympic Title Wins 100M at London Olympic, Yohan Blake Second, Justin Gatlin Third (Photo credit: EPA)

It is a disgrace that NBC decided not to show the 100m race live, instead opting for some less important Olympic events. Everyone should stage a black-out of NBC tonight and not even watch the channel tonight. I watched the race live on the Internet, like two billion other people. #NBCFAIL.

Official Results:

1. JAM Usain Bolt 9.63 OR

2. JAM Yohan Blake 9.75 PB

3. USA Justin Gatlin 9.79 PB

4. USA Tyson Gay 9.80

5. USA Ryan Bailey 9.88

6. NED Martina Chaurandy 9.94

7. TRI Richard Thompson 9.98

8. JAM Asafa Powell 11.99


NFL Great Warren Sapp Auctions Off Rare Air Jordan Sneaker Collection Worth $6500 to Satisfy Bankruptcy Creditors

Warren Sapp Auctions Off 240 Pair Rare Air Jordan Sneakers in Bankruptcy Case

NFL Great Warren Sapp Auctions Off Rare Air Jordan Sneaker Collection Worth $6500 to Satisfy Bankruptcy Creditors

DISGRACEFUL:  NFL great Warren Sapp is auctioning off his 240-pair collection of Air Jordan sneakers to pay his child support debts and as creditors are swooning in to get some cash from the former NFL star who filed for bankruptcy earlier this year, TMZ reports. The shoe collection, designed and produced for Nike by Michael Jordan, is worth around $6,500. Sapp filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in April, claiming he had racked up millions of dollars in debts since retiring from the NFL.


Violent Weekend in Paterson NJ Leaves Three Dead, a Woman Wounded in Separate Incidents, No Suspect in Custody

PATERSON GUN VIOLENCE:  Three people shot to death, a woman wounded during a violent weekend in Paterson, NJ. Police said none of the shootings were connected and no suspects are in custody. The first shooting occurred late Friday at a city sports bar, where the victim was pronounced dead at the scene. The second shooting occurred early Saturday morning, when a male was killed on a city street. A 17 year old male was fatally shot early Sunday morning. A woman was shot in the foot, but was treated and released from an area hospital.



#TEMPLESHOOTING: Seven Dead, Including Gunman and Police Officer Wounded, in Sikh Temple Shooting in Oak Creek WI

NEWSFLASH #TEMPLESHOOTING:  More weekend gun violence as four people are shot, the gunman killed, 30 injured at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin in Oak Creek, Wisc., Sunday.  A SWAT team entered the building, located at 7512 S. Howell Avenue, before noon and started removing uninjured people. An explosion was heard coming from the building. The first police officer  on the scene encountered the gunman and was shot multiple times, but is expected to survive, the Journal Sentinel reports.

Sikh temple shooting:  Greenfield Police Chief Bradley Wentlandt said it wasn’t clear how many people had been shot. Wentlandt also said it wasn’t clear how many suspects were involved, although one opened fire on an officer and the officer “put down” that man. Wentlandt said the officer was shot multiple times.

Sukhwindar Nagr, of Racine, said he called his brother-in-law’s phone and a priest at the temple answered and told him that his brother-in-law had been shot, along with three priests. The priest also said women and children were hiding in closets in the temple, Nagr said. Source: AJC

Among those who were shot was the president of the temple, Satwant Kaleka, who was taken to a hospital. Deepinder Dhaliwal said Kaleka, his brother in law, was shot in the back, but has now been taken to a hospital in St. Francis. Dhaliwal said his sister, the president’s wife, called him while hiding inside the building with a few other women.

Darshan Dhaliwal, who identified himself as a leader at the temple, said between 20 and 25 women who were cooking a lunch in the basement for after the service and between five to 10 children had been able to leave the temple at about 1 p.m. Dhaliwal said they heard the gunshots and hid in closets for more than an hour before escaping. Dhaliwal said the temple had not been the subject of any threats or graffiti recently. “This is insanity,” he said. Source:  Journal Sentinel

UPDATE#1 (08/05/12):  620 WTMJ reports that police have now said at least seven people are dead, including a shooter, during a massacre at the Sikh temple. The police officer who was shot by the gunman was in surgery at Froedtert Hospital.

UPDATE#2 (08/05/12):  Gunman in Sikh Temple shooting said to be a white male in his 30s.

UPDATE#3 (08/05/12):  President Obama issues statement:  …’we are reminded how much our country has been enriched by Sikhs, who are a part of our broader American family.’

Mitt Romney issues statement:  ‘Our hearts are with the victims, their families, and the entire Oak Creek Sikh community.’

Authorities are treating the shooting at a Sikh temple as a “domestic terrorist-type incident,” police chief says. on.cnn.com/OCKoL7

‘Dark Knight Rises’ Trounces ‘Total Recall’ and ‘Dairy of Wimpy Kid’ at Weekend Box Office with $36.4 Million

Dark Knight Rises Christian Bale

‘Dark Knight Rises’ Trounces ‘Total Recall’ and ‘Dairy of Wimpy Kid’ at Weekend Box Office with $36.4 Million

Moviegoing was down this weekend again at the domestic box office. Warner Bros. Batman flick “The Dark Knight Rises” led the weekend box office with $36.4 million and grossed $355 million overall, followed by Sony Pictures’ sci-fi action “Total Recall” in second place with a tepid $26 million, followed by Fox family player “Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days” in third place with a modest $15 million. The film cost a modest $22 million to produce, so it is on solid ground to recoup expenditures and then some. Fox “Ice Age: Continental Drift” took the fourth spot with $8.4 million and a total gross of $132 million, with Fox Ben Stiller neighborhood watch comedy “The Watch” in fifth place with $6.4 million.

Colin Farrell Total Recall poster

‘Dark Knight Rises’ Trounces ‘Total Recall’ Remake, Starring Colin Farrell, at North American Weekend Box Office

Sony had projected a domestic opening in the $25 million to $30 million range for “Total Recall,” starring Colin Farrell, although many box office watchers believed it would come in higher, possibly jumping to $30 million, exceeding the original 1990 Total Recall, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, that took in a whopping $25.5 million in its opening. The remake cost about $125 million to make.

North American Weekend Box Office Results

1. The Dark Knight Rises ($36.44 million)

2. Total Recall (2012) ($26 million)

3. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days ($14.7 million)

4. Ice Age: Continental Drift ($8.4 million)

5. The Watch ($6.35 million)

6. Ted ($5.48 million)

7. Step Up Revolution ($5.3 million)

8. The Amazing Spider-Man ($4.3 million)

9. Brave ($2.9 million)

10. Magic Mike ($1.38 million)

Obama Campaign Adviser: “Romney Failed to Define Himself to Voters, Now Vulnerable to Whole Range of Questions”

Obama campaign adviser David Axelrod tells Fox News’ Chris Wallace Mitt Romney has failed to define himself to voters and has “left himself vulnerable to a whole range of questions.”

“Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace, citing a recent Quinnipac/CBS/NYT poll that showed Obama hitting 50 percent in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Florida, asked Axelrod if he thought the Obama camp’s negative ads about Romney’s offshore finances and business record, among other things, had been successful in defining him to voters.

“Well, I’d put it another way: he hasn’t been very successful in defining himself to voters,” Axelrod said. “And he’s left himself vulnerable to a whole range of questions that I think people are asking about him, and whether he’ll be the kind of advocate for the middle class, an advocate for their interests in this economy that they’re looking for in this election.” Source

The first rule of politics is never to let your opponent define you. On that one thing, Mitt Romney failed miserably. No matter what he says, most people doubt his words have an ounce of truth. The Obama campaign picked up where his fellow Republican presidential candidates — Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich — left off. During one debate, Rick Santorum said Romney was the worst candidate to go up against Barack Obama in the general election. Newt Gingrich slammed Romney on his Bain Capital years and the fact that jobs were actually lost not created during his tenure.

Natalie Hawkins and Ileane Lochte Make Ultimate Sacrifices for Kids to Triumph at Olympics Even in Face of Bankruptcy and Foreclosure

Natalie Hawkins and Ileane Lochte make sacrifices for kids

Natalie Hawkins and Ileane Lochte Make Ultimate Sacrifices for Kids to Triumph at Olympics Even in Face of Bankruptcy and Foreclosure

Natalie Hawkins is no different from any good mother out there, who would give their last penny to help their children achieve a dream. Before Gabby Douglas triumphed at the London Olympics last week, her mother made the ultimate sacrifice to help her get to the awards podium. She allegedly filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Virginia earlier this year, TMZ reports. Natalie Hawkins, who is currently going through a divorce from Gabby’s father, largely raised her four kids on  her own. She had debts totalling $79,754.14. The real price of the gold medals Gabby Douglas and Ryan Lochte won comes from the financial strain and sacrifices their parents made. I applaud Natalie Hawkins and Ileane Lochte for their selflessness in the face of adversity.

The documents state that Hawkins has assets totalling $163,706.10 and show she owes Capital One, Sprint, and T-Mobile more than $6,000. Her creditors also include an Orthodontist in Iowa, where Gabby trained aged 14, and a student loan of $4,350.23.

Hawkins, who raised her four children largely on her own and is in the middle of divorcing her soldier husband, started paying off her debt in February with monthly installments of $408. However, after her  16-year-old daughter’s stunning performance to secure two gold medals last week, the family’s financial troubles will quickly disappear.

‘Gymnastics is an expensive sport,’ Ms Hawkins said. With Gabby’s father Staff Sgt Timothy Douglas serving in the U.S. army abroad, the family applied for military scholarships to help fund Gabby’s training.

In 2006, she received a $500 grant from Our Military Kids, a non-profit that helps fund children’s activities while their parents are overseas. That funding paid for her to attend a gymnastics camp in Texas with renowned coaches Bela and Marta Karolyi – who stayed by Gabby’s side and helped her win the gold in London. Source

Natalie Hawkins is much like Steven and Ileane Lochte, who are now facing foreclosure on their Florida home. CitiMortgage claims the couple took out a $258,000 mortgage on their Florida home in 2007 and were meant to pay $1,609.58 a month, TMZ reports. Ryan Lochte earned five Olympic medals in London, two gold, two silver and one bronze. Hopefully, his gains will help his parents make good on this loan and avoid foreclosure.

John Wise Shoots Barbara Wise, Wife of 45 Years, After She Was Admitted to Akron Hospital ICU

SHOCK: John Wise, of Massillon, Ohio, entered the intensive care unit of Akron General Medical Center and killed his 65 year old wife, Barbara Wise, while standing at her bedside. Barbara Wise had been admitted to the hospital a day earlier and was in critical condition.

There is no word on the motive for the shooting. The Wises had been married for 45 years. John Wise is being held for attempted murder, and will be arraigned Monday