Amis Cale Kills Wife, Then Jumps from Subway Platform in an Apparent Murder-Suicide in Queens NY

QUEENS MURDER-SUICIDE:  Amis Cale stabbed his wife, Jennifer Cale, to death in their Sunnyside NY apartment and then jumped on the train tracks in an apparent murder-suicide after an argument erupted in their home.

The couple’s 19-year-old daughter awoke to her mother’s screams, and saw her father standing over the bloodied body of 37-year-old Jennifer Cale, Kelly said.

Amis Cale then fled from the 39th Place apartment and ran to a nearby subway stop, police said.

He was pronounced dead at the hospital after jumping from the elevated platform of the 40th Street Station on the No. 7 line, police said. Source

Love doesn’t hurt and there was no reason for Jennifer Cale to lose her life. Cooler heads should have prevailed. The actions of Amis Cale were senseless. Very senseless.