Chicago’s Growing Problem with Gun Violence Deserves Intervention from Federal Government

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Chicago’s Growing Problem with Gun Violence Deserves Intervention from Federal Government (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The recent spate of gun violence which took place in Chicago over the weekend, taking the life of Rashad Pratt and injuring four teens, underscores the need for politicians to get involved and do something about it. I and others in the non-violence movement have been creating awareness of the effects violence has on the family and the community as a whole. The problem has now escalated to unprecedented levels, where failing divine intervention, we now need politicians to step in.

Why politicians? You may very well ask that question. Politicians are needed as they have reduced spending in areas of public safety (police officers, firemen) and education due to stringent budget cuts. The citizens in those areas are now paying the price for what some politician or groups of civil  leaders came together and decided that was the answer to their budgetary dilema.  The truth is wherever there is policing, there is reduced violence. take the police off the streets and mayhem and violence reigns. Just as in war, we need boots on the ground to win, we need police boots, radios, patrols, on the ground to reduce violent activity.

Failure to do this will result  in anarchy in the society. We have got to stop the violence.

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  • Janet:

    When I tell you that the violent cities like Chicago, Philadelphia, Newark and Atlanta ALL have an array of local politicians that the adults that live in these VICTIMIZED communities have selected – I have now lost my confidence that you could ever get past your clear ideological / partisan bias and DARE to connect the local dysfunction in the people’s inability to let go of their personal ideological bigotry and focus upon actually managing their community.

    What PACIFIES their ideologically is often just a set of ideas throw in front of them to keep them from focusing on what they NEED TO BE DOING.