Actor Clint Eastwood Says No Lawyers Should be in the White House, Um, Mitt Romney Has a Law Degree

Clint Eastwood mocks Obama with empty chair
Actor Clint Eastwood Says No Lawyers Should be in the White House, Um, Mitt Romney Has a Law Degree, Mocks Obama with Empty Chair

Clint Eastwood certainly didn’t make my day during his rambling improvisation at the Republican National Committee. What’s was laughable, though quite unexpected on his part, was when he said “we don’t need lawyers in the White House.” Um, Mitt Romney has a law degree from Harvard Law School. The White House is doubling over with laughter at Clint Eastwood’s bumbling speech or whatever you call it. Clint Eastwood said “we own this country” and “politicians work for us.” So, Obama doesn’t own this country? Oh, I’m sorry, that was birther-speak. Obama is a foreigner.

To sum this train wreck of a speech up in one sentence — shellshocked. Dirty Harry has lost his touch. Clint Eastwood was a sheer disaster. The Romney campaign is now throwing Eastwood under a bus, saying they didn’t give him a script. For this madness to come at the last hour of the Republican National Convention is just terrible. He imploded. Sharpton on Eastwood: “If he was at the Apollo, we would have had the guy with the hook.” Mystery speaker. SMH. Yeah, I am still mystified.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker tells “Morning Joe” that Clint Eastwood’s rambling mess was a cringe-worthy moment and he would have much rather seen that the actor as he appeared in that Super Bowl ad.

The Romney Campaign on Clint Eastwood:

“Judging an American icon like Clint Eastwood through a typical political lens doesn’t work. His ad-libbing was a break from all the political speeches, and the crowd enjoyed it. He rightly pointed out that 23 million Americans out of work or underemployed is a national disgrace and it’s time for a change.”

Typical Romney campaign response. He also said the crowd liked his birther joke. Mitt Romney had a great chance to make a slam-dunk appearance but thanks to Clint Eastwood it was marred by utter disrespect for the sitting president, which will overshadow his performance, which some have deemed so-so.

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  • Janet:

    Think about it.
    I have a documentary from the 1960’s in which a RACIST said No BLACKS should be in WHITE SCHOOLS.

    Do you see how hard you now have to reach to make indictments? (While avoiding the things that YOU SHOULD be talking about which damage Black people?)

    • Constructive Feedback — Please, stay on message. You must be the only person in America who wasn’t offended by Clint Eastwood implosion on the biggest night of the Republican convention. This isn’t about making an indictment about blacks.

      • George

        only 2 comments in 11 hours and you neck stomped the first comment? wow…just wow

  • George

    I thought Clint Eastwoods portrayal of Mr. Smith goes to Washington was spot on. I think you need to develop a sense of humor Janet.