UPDATED: Dr. Jack Schaap Fired as Pastor of Indiana Mega-Church After Picture of Him Kissing Teen Surfaces

CORRECTION: We incorrectly named Trisha Kee as the female who engaged in inappropriate behavior with Dr. Jack Schaap. We are sorry for any inconvenience this caused Trisha Kee and are retracting the use of her name. The behavior Dr. Schaap is accused of engaging in is reprehensible and we urge any other victims to call law enforcement.

Indiana mega-church pastor Jack Schaap fired for making out with 16 year old female
Indiana Mega-Church Pastor Jack Schaap After Text Message Seen of Him Kissing 16 Year Old Female

SNAKE IN THE PULPIT: Dr. Jack Schaap, the senior pastor of mega-church First Baptist Church of Hammond, was fired after a deacon saw a text message on his phone from a 16 year old teenager allegedly with a picture of them kissing. Um, Dr. Schaap is married. The board of deacons of the church fired him ‘due to a sin that has caused him to forfeit his right to be our pastor,’ the release says.

Schaap had been counselling the teenage girl, a former member of First Baptist told CBS Chicago. Though a church spokesperson would not confirm Ms Kee’s information, the church said: ‘Our church grieves the need to take this action and the impact it will have on our people.  Source:  Daily Mail

Dr. Schaap and his wife Cindy, who have two children, are now in seclusion to work out their marital problems. Um, Dr. Schaap shouldn’t be praying that his next stop isn’t a jail cell. The Lake County sheriff has launched an investigation into the “alleged misconduct with a juvenile,” and the FBI has also joined the investigation. The investigation was launched after the church notified the authorities of the misconduct.


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