IOC President Jacques Rogge Admits Usain Bolt a “Living Legend” After All, “Best Sprinter of All Time”

English: Usain Bolt at the World Championship ...

IOC President Jacques Rogge Admits Usain Bolt a “Living Legend After All, Best Sprinter of All Time” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

IOC president Jacques Rogge has admitted Usain Bolt is a legend after all. He said last week that Usain Bolt needed to prove his greatness over time before  proclaiming he is a “living legend.” Rogge claimed Bolt needed to prove himself over four Olympics. Um, wrong. He proved himself over two, breaking world records each time. He said: “Let me finalize this issue as follows: To say that Usain Bolt is an active performance legend, he is an icon, he is the best sprinter of all time.”

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