Lawsuit: Predominantly White Winchester CT Deliberately Keeping Non-Whites Out by Denying Housing Benefits

predominantly white Winchester CT accused of racism
Lawsuit: Predominantly White Winchester CT Deliberately Keeping Non-Whites Out by Denying Housing Benefits

Predominantly white Winchester CT accused of deliberately keeping non-white residents out, according to a lawsuit. Winchester, which has a population of 11,000, contains no black families. The lawsuit, which was filed last week, alleges town officials directed housing subsidies to white families to avoid an influx of ethnic minorities.

Courthouse News Service :  Its estimated median household income of $56,260 is 16 percent below the state median of $67,036, according to city-data.

 The Winchester Housing Authority is in charge of the Section 8 housing voucher program for Winchester and 16 neighboring communities in a “Rental Assistance Alliance.”

 The federal complaint claims that “according to the 2010 American Community Survey 5-year estimates, 94.5 percent of housing units in Winchester are occupied by white, non-Hispanic households, while only 4.5 percent are Hispanic. The number of housing units occupied by African-American households is so low that it does not register above 0 percent.”


  • Awesome! I want to live there! Jst think, someday we won’t have these stupid anti-discrimination laws, and towns won’t have to say, “good school systems,” they’ll be able to say, loud and proud, “No non-Asian minorities! Yay!”

  • Kenny Wickmann

    If a community does not have a need/desire for public housing, then why on earth should they be forced to become a magnet for those seeking to live in public housing? The people in that town are neither hurting nor bothering anyone.
    Communities generally stay solid by enforcing codes and vigorously prosecuting misdemeanors. People who don’t want to or who can’t follow the rules, soon find out just how expensive it is to ‘do your own thing’. That is not discriminatory – but it is participatory – meaning you must participate and function within your community in a legal way,..and that realization has nothing to do with a person’s color and everything to do with their character.
    Little things do mean a lot. New York’s Times Square area was cleaned up by Mayor Giuliani’s ‘zero tolerance’ program. Inspired no doubt by the ‘broken window theory’. The ‘little things’ add up, a piece of rubbish attracts another piece of rubbish, graffitti beckons for more graffitti, one drunk, becomes a bench full of drunks, and so on.
    Public housing, and Section 8 apartments destroy neighborhoods. The people in Winchester obviously know that. All one has to do is look at some of the Connecticut towns that have already been Detroit-o-fied.

  • Guido

    …and Harlem is “too black” but who the hell would want to live there?