Obama Campaign Adviser: “Romney Failed to Define Himself to Voters, Now Vulnerable to Whole Range of Questions”

Obama campaign adviser David Axelrod tells Fox News’ Chris Wallace Mitt Romney has failed to define himself to voters and has “left himself vulnerable to a whole range of questions.”

“Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace, citing a recent Quinnipac/CBS/NYT poll that showed Obama hitting 50 percent in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Florida, asked Axelrod if he thought the Obama camp’s negative ads about Romney’s offshore finances and business record, among other things, had been successful in defining him to voters.

“Well, I’d put it another way: he hasn’t been very successful in defining himself to voters,” Axelrod said. “And he’s left himself vulnerable to a whole range of questions that I think people are asking about him, and whether he’ll be the kind of advocate for the middle class, an advocate for their interests in this economy that they’re looking for in this election.” Source

The first rule of politics is never to let your opponent define you. On that one thing, Mitt Romney failed miserably. No matter what he says, most people doubt his words have an ounce of truth. The Obama campaign picked up where his fellow Republican presidential candidates — Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich — left off. During one debate, Rick Santorum said Romney was the worst candidate to go up against Barack Obama in the general election. Newt Gingrich slammed Romney on his Bain Capital years and the fact that jobs were actually lost not created during his tenure.

  • pelmo

    According to a recent poll, only 26% of the people care about Romney”s tax returns and Bain Capital. What everyone is worried about is the economy, and a lot of people are starting to wonder when Obama is going to stop blaming Bush and start laying out his own plan.

    • Pelmo — A recent poll also says Mitt Romney viewed negatively by a majority of Americans. Yes, the economy is horrible, but we don’t know anything concrete about Mitt Romney’s business record. He doesn’t take responsibility for the jobs lost by Bain Capital after they buy-out companies. He just takes credit for the good stuff. The fact remains that Obama inherited a horrible economy. There’s no denying that. Mitt Romney is hiring all the Bush people, which means it will be much of the same under his administration.

  • Janet:

    Can I ask you a question?

    Does YOUR existence as an American and a Black woman compel you to make note of how your left-wing journalist industry friends (and you) would prefer to talk about Mitt Romney as if he THE incumbent President rather than how the nation stands with Obama as the President?

    You reason that it was “Bush who got us into this shape” yet as we expand the issue to note that in places where Obama’s party runs the table – the eroded economic conditions in these places (ie: Detroit, Philly, Newark) DOES NOT translate into the drive for a purge of those officials who received votes on the promise of a turn around only to have the people in a stagnant position.

    While I think that this nation’s macro-economic condition is is worse shape than EITHER of the two leaders of the “Dung Producing Party Animals” will be able to fix – I am disturbed at the amount of compromise and corruption that is presently seen in the so-called “Black Press”.

    I am less concerned that they are in the tank for Obama than I am knowledgeable that they CAN’T DEFEND THE BLACK COMMUNITY’S INTERESTS from the POLITICIANS that keep piling up the Black votes, selling the people that THEIR victories over the Republicans are “Black Community Victories”.

    You have told us how much you can’t stand Romney, Janet. I am waiting for you to tell us why you TOLERATE the MACHINE that is behind Obama as they use Black people once again.

    Not that the VOTE is going to make any long term difference. The INSTITUTIONAL COMPROMISE of the Black community IS the most tragic outcome.