Patricia Carroll Identified as Black CNN Camerawoman Pelted with Nuts by Two RNC Attendees

black CNN camerawoman Patricia Carroll racism by RNC attendees
Patricia Carroll Identified as Black CNN Camerawoman Pelted with Nuts by Two RNC Attendees (Photo credit: Witches’ Brew)

The black CNN camerawoman who two Republican National Convention attendees pelted with nuts,  saying “that’s how we feed animals,” has been revealed as Patricia Carroll, 34. The Alabama native spoke out,  saying that the incident didn’t surprise her “at all.”

“This is Florida and I’m from the Deep South. You come to places like this, you can count the black people on your hand. They see us doing things they don’t think I should do,” Patricia Carroll, 34, told the Maynard Institute.

After the attendees threw nuts at her and said, “This is how we feed animals,” Carroll told colleagues and CNN security about the incident. In a separateinterview with Witches’ Brew, Carroll said the incident occurred around 3 p.m. Tuesday. She looked up and saw two men throwing peanuts at her, she said. The head of the delegation of an unidentified state told her the nut-throwers were likely not delegates, according to the Maynard Institute report.

Carroll told the Maynard Institute that no one took down the names of the attendees who pelted her. Read her interviews here and here. Source:  Talking Points Memo

Patricia Carroll is based in CNN’s Washington, D.C. bureau. To the RNC’s credit, they ejected the two racist delegates, but I would venture to say, there are many more like them still in the Republican Party.

  • PLEASE, believe that not everyone is of like mind on the matter. I am sorry such a thing would happen at all, so indeed I am agast that this manner of behavior would be directed to a professional, and at a political convention no less. You don’t even see this kind of behavior in the gutters too much any more, so consider the source. I hope you will accept that this was an isolated incident non-representative of the unanimous delegation’s regard with this exception. Should these vile villians be discovered I hope they are banned from the convention at the very least and issue a personal public apology immediately.

  • Janet:

    Recall that last week you said that Paul Ryan was LYING about the BLACK GIRLFRIEND IN COLLEGE – according to his FRAT BROTHERS – who obviously read Rolling Stone Magazine?

    It turns out that the very same news media that has no interest in determining if foreign nationals that were killed by DRONE STRIKES recently were actually TERRORISTS have set their mind on finding Ryans BLACK GIRL FRIEND and they came up with her:

    I am sure that you will agree to update your post. Now that she is a supporter of President Obama.

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    I’m white, she’s cute – so what. God people, get a grip on life. We all have to populate this planet somehow!

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    She’s probably lying.