ROMNEYHOOD: Paul Ryan Makes Mitt Romney’s Tax Problem Worse, Under Ryan Plan Tax Rate Would Be Zero

Mitt Romney’s tax problem:  The far-right wing bloc of the Republican Party is singing the virtues of Paul Ryan being Mitt Romney’s running mate, but um, did anyone bother to wonder how the Romney/Ryan ticket plans on selling his tax cuts that would lead to Romney paying less than one percent in taxes?

Alec MacGillis: “Already, there is a curious bit of conventional wisdom taking hold that Mitt Romney’s choice of Paul Ryan is shrewd because it will draw attention from Romney’s ever-more apparent weaknesses, notably the more rapacious elements of his work at Bain Capital and his undisclosed tax returns. Sorry, but this makes no sense. It seems hard to imagine a running mate who would jibe better with the Democrats’ Bain Capital attacks than a well-born Ayn Rand acolyte. More crucially, it is hard to imagine a running mate who will draw more attention to the matter of Romney’s taxes than Paul Ryan. Why? Because under the ‘Ryan plan’ that made the congressman famous, Mitt Romney would pay zero taxes.”

“Don’t believe it? Romney himself said so, just a few months ago.”

Matthew Ryan: “Under Paul Ryan’s plan, Mitt Romney wouldn’t pay any taxes for the next ten years — or any of the years after that. Now, do I know that that’s true. Yes, I’m certain.”

Here’s a totally unrelated question….how does Paul Ryan feel about gun control, since the Sikh temple massacre occurred in his district? Sorry but Paul Ryan is political Kryptonite, clearly out of step with the majority of Americans, except ultra-rich like the Koch brothers. Paul Ryan would be like a deer caught between two headlights if he had to step in and become the president if Romney wins the presidential election and something unforeseen occurs.

  • Janet:

    Not that the content selection of your posts hide your actual sentiments but your editorial commentary removes any remaining doubt.

    Not that you care but here is how I approach reading your blog.

    Since it is a quasi-Black News blog I make note of how much you (and other blogs) distinguish between the popular sentiments OF Black people versus making an analysis OF THE CONDITION of our community, applying proportional emphasis on the forces that are ON THE INSIDE dominating the community and not just on those who you believe are an OUTSIDE THREAT, gunning for us.

    You say that Paul Ryan is out of phase with most Americans beyond the wealthy.

    I wonder if you could have brought yourself to make a comment about the leadership of Newark or Detroit or Stockton, 20 years ago – that they were “Out Of Step With GOOD GOVERNANCE policies” as you were able to predict the present economic malaise that threatens these cities?

    The people of Detroit and Newark experienced massive SPENDING CUTS like the ones you fear Paul Ryan would make, NOT BECAUSE they have a panel of Republicans in their city council. They don’t – they have 100% DEMOCRATS in power.

    These cuts were made because the FINANCIAL HAND of the city was forced and the city had no choice IF they wanted to continue operating.

    WHY DO YOU focus so much on the notion of a “Tax Scheme for the Rich” rather than how much of a failed effort that PROGRESSIVE FUNDAMENTALISM has been at TAKING OVER GOVERNMENTAL INSTITUTIONS and DEVELOPING THE PEOPLE who have INVESTED THEIR VOTES in the cause?

    If we pretend that Mitt Romney would have paid $200 million more in taxes over his career if there were Social Justice tax schemes in place – do you ever wonder how much SQUANDERED PRODUCTIVITY has taken place in the Mission Accomplished Zones – as the WORKERS that voted for new governance were failed because the new economic leadership failed to create the jobs that they were promised?

    Long story short – far, far, far more lost productivity dollars among the common American are on the table for debate than are the LOST TAXES from the rich people that you appear to like talking about.