GOP Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan’s Black Former Girlfriend Identified as Deneeta Pope

Paul Ryan ex-girlfriend Deneeta Pope
Paul Ryan’s Black Former Girlfriend Identified as Deneeta Pope (Photo credit: Daily Mail)

Vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan’s black former girlfriend has been identified as Deneeta Pope, the Daily Mail reports. Hurrah, Mitt Romney will now get more black votes. Not. Deneeta Pope is a Barack Obama supporter. She was a cheerleader while he was in a fraternity at Miami University in Ohio.

The relationship and the backlash he suffered from his so-called friends were a formative experience in the political evolution of the Republican vice-presidential pick who described himself as a ‘big, big fan’ of Martin Luther King and is a staunch advocate of civil rights.

Neither of them gave up their love of sports. Ryan has become synonymous with the oddly titled P90X workout programme, while Pope featured in an online video for The Wall Street Journal in 2010 promoting a full-body workout called the Bar Method. Source

Wow, if Paul Ryan went through all this, then I would think he would be more inclined to reach out to the black community. This is proof that having a black or Asian girlfriend doesn’t make you more sensitive to the needs of that particular group. To be honest, Paul Ryan doesn’t embody a thing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. talked about, in terms of helping the poor and the least among us.

  • Janet:

    Think about the CONSCIOUSNESS of a person who would invest their VOICE that they are provided by law into a given candidate BECAUSE of who dated or is married to?

    From your editorial comments you believe that this is insane.

    Tell me – What do you call an organized scheme by which Black people are made to LOOK PAST their 50 years of INVESTMENTS and instead VOTE based on their feelings of INSULT as the opposition makes “clandestine racist remarks” about the INCUMBENT but they are compelled to not ask to see a RETURN ON INVESTMENT – not from this ONE CANDIDATE but the “Straight Ticket” that represents their community locally – straight through to the federal government??

    Isn’t this MORE INSANE Janet?

    What if someone asked them to prove that this scheme is portable in a way that could HELP some other Diasporatic Cluster of Black people elsewhere in the world to live more prosperously?

    I do not index your “fairness” based on how much you attack or don’t attack “The Democrats”.
    I actually am indexing you to our COMMON KNOWLEDGE that – in as much as the Black Community is seeking a higher standard of living YOU SEEM UNWILLING to stay focused on THE FORCE WHO TOOK OUR VALUABLES with the promise that they would DOUBLE OUR RETURNS.

    How do you achieve GOOD GOVERNANCE WITHIN – when you seem so impassioned about SLANDERING THE ENEMY – when he is not going to get but a few hundred thousand BLACK VOTES?

    Should you be focused on the forces that will harvest the dreams of MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF BLACK PEOPLE who have been compelled to channel their dreams THROUGH THE BALLOT BOX?

    If Obama wins in 2012 – is there any chance that YOUR antics seen in 2016 will be any different REGARDLESS of the condition of Black people in America or Jamaica at that time?

    • Considering Media Matters touts Paul Ryan is a racist, the article is relevant as a fact and reveals Media Matters and other journalists attempt to fan the racist fire that has gone cold decades ago. Why would you try to fan the cold ashes of that fire, Janet?