BET CEO Debra Lee Accuses GOP of Pandering to Blacks and Women, Slams Ann Romney’s ‘Shout-Out’ to Women

BET CEO Debra Lee accused the Republican Party of pandering to blacks and women. You think with the Black Leadership Council thingy they puked up with Rep. Allen West? Debra Lee told Politico, “They’re pandering. That’s the word that comes to mind.”

“I thought some of what went on at the RNC was very disingenuous,” she added. “Ann Romney has to [give a] shout-out to women? We’re over 50 percent of the population. We need a shout-out? It was the craziest-looking thing.”

Lee said it was “nice” that Rice sat next to Mitt Romney at the GOP convention, “but does the RNC really embrace African-Americans, really embrace women?” Source

Damn, Debra Lee just told Ann Romney where to go, didn’t she? The reality is that the Republican Party isn’t doing anything to attract black voters other than the usual race-baiting from some so-called party leaders.

Ex-Cop Drew Peterson Guilty for Murder of Third Wife Kathleen Savio

NEWSFLASH:  Drew Peterson guilty in the murder of third wife Kathleen Savio! Drew Peterson faces a maximum 60 year prison term after he is sentenced in November.  Kathleen Savio’s death had initially been ruled as an accident, but after her body was re-examined, her death was deemed a homicide. Peterson’s fourth wife, Stacy Peterson, mysteriously disappeared in 2007.


Another GOP Lunatic: Rep. Roscoe Bartlett Says Student Loans Could Lead to Holocaust

, Congressman from Maryland.

Rep. Roscoe Bartlett (R-MD) Says Student Loans Could Lead to Holocaust. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Another Republican lunatic is making waves today. Rep. Roscoe Bartlett (R-Md.) suggested  federally-issued student loans were unconstitutional.  There’s more — he also said disregarding the Constitution could lead down a “slippery slope.”

Rep. Bartlett: “Not that it’s not a good idea to give students loans, it certainly is a good idea to give them loans. But if you can ignore the Constitution to do something good today, tomorrow you will be ignoring the Constitution to do something bad. You could. There are more people in our, in America today of German ancestry than any other [inaudible]. The Holocaust that occurred in Germany — how in the heck could that happen? And when you start down the wrong road, it can be a very slippery slope.” Source

This is further proof of the utmost importance of voters taking the time to do some research on the candidates running for elected office in their communities. There is no way Rep. Roscoe Bartlett should have been elected harboring such despicable views.

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French Alps Shooting: Iraqi-Born Saad Al-Hilli Named as Owner of Bullet-Ridden BMW

Saad Al Hilli family executed by assassin

French Alps Shooting: Iraqi-Born Saad Al-Hilli Named as Owner of Bullet-Ridden BMW

The owner of the car in the Alps shooting named as 50-year-old Iraqi-born Saad Al-Hilli. A family including parents, an older woman and two children, were found in a bullet-ridden BMW near Chevaline in France.  Saad Al-Hilli lived in Claygate, Surrey. He was reportedly the secretary of aerial photography company, AMS 1087, since 2007.

Eric Maillaud, the Annecy prosecutor, confirmed today that the French cyclist, the man and the older woman were all killed by bullets to the head.

Detectives discovered 15 spent bullet casings around the car, which was locked and the engine running when it was discovered.

A four-year-old girl was found to be missing after police spoke to campers at Le Solitaire du Lac campsite in Saint Jorioz.

She was eventually discovered hiding beneath her mother’s legs in the car where she had remained for up to eight hours. Source

 Saad Al Hilli’s daughters, Zaina, 8, and Zehab, 4, are being looked after by British police. Al Hilli’s wife has been identified as dentitst, Ikbal.

Romney Campaign Releases Ad Highlights Bill Clinton’s Fairy Tale Dig at Obama

Mitt Romney, former governor of Massachusetts,...

Romney Campaign Releases Ad Highlights Bill Clinton’s Fairy Tale Dig at Obama. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

ROMNEY CAMPAIGN DESPERATE:  Mitt Romney and his campaign are in a tailspin. How else can you explain their latest campaign ad, featuring Bill Clinton, who obliterated both he and Paul Ryan during his speech at the Democratic Convention Wednesday night? The Romney campaign ad praises Clinton saying he’s a “good soldier, helping his party’s president.” But then highlights what Clinton said of Obama in 2008: “Give me a break. This whole thing is the biggest fairy tale I’ve ever seen.” I’m sorry has former president George W. Bush or Dick Cheney showed up to campaign for Mitt Romney? Oh wait, they can’t because the bottom of the economic bucket fell out under their watch.

Um, Mitt Romney candidacy is the biggest fairy tale the Republican Party has ever seen, considering he was never their first choice as a presidential nominee. You see, Mitt Romney is once again taking Bill Clinton’s words out of context, but isn’t that what the Romney campaign is synonymous with? Lying and twisting the truth? They should be worried about how they plan on responding to the obliteration they suffered from Bill Clinton, Michelle Obama, Elizabeth Warren, Deval Patrick, former Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland and all the other speakers at the DNC so far this week.

Nice try Romney, blacks still won’t run from Obama to you nor will dredging up that ‘fairy tale’ comment net you a bounce in the polls. If anything, it shows how desperate the Romney campaign is.

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Romney Campaign Windbag John Sununu Bitching About Cost of Michelle Obama’s Tracy Reese Dress

TAMPA, FL - AUGUST 28:  Former New Hampshire G...

Romney Campaign Windbag John Sununu Bitching About Cost of Michelle Obama’s Tracy Reese Dress. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

Mitt Romney surrogate John Sununu is a man I personally abhor and I find his racially-tinged attacks on President Obama and now his wife sickening. Now his latest attack is on the Tracy Reese custom-made dress Michelle Obama wore when she delivered a scathing, yet subtle attack on Mitt Romney and his life of privilege. Nothing about the content of her speech, but what she wore. Is John Sununu jealous that his wife could never exude the radiance and beauty like Michelle Obama?

Former New Hampshire Gov. John Sununu, who is a naturalized Cuban-born American citizen, questioned reports that the Tracey Reese dress Michelle Obama wore for her convention address Tuesday night cost $350 during a conference call with reporters Wednesday. This windbag accused the Obama campaign of peddling several lies, including the cost of the dress: “somehow I don’t think that’s the truth either.”

Um, John Sununu, who gives a shit what you think about the cost of Michelle Obama’s dress? What about Ann Romney’s dress? I’m pretty sure that didn’t cost anywhere near $350. You see, the Republicans are running scared, no matter what they say. For a senior Romney campaign staff member to bitch about the cost of Michelle Obama’s dress just goes to show they are  running on empty. Here’s what I want to know, how did this idiot become governor of New Hampshire?

As for peddling lies, I think we have already established Paul Ryan lies like a dog and Mitt Romney is running a close second, with his ‘multiple choice’ stance on the issues and deliberately smearing Obama on welfare reform.

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Did Paul Ryan Also Lie About Being a Mountaineer, Climbing 40 ‘Fourteeners’ in Colorado?

English: The Maroon Bells mountain near Aspen,...

Did Paul Ryan Also Lie About Being a Moutaineer, Climbing 40 ‘Fourteeners’ in Colorado? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Did Mitt Romney’s ‘bold’ vice presidential pick Paul Ryan lie about climbing mountains too? You see, he was just forced to make an embarrassing U-turn over his three-hour marathon claims and now questions are being asked about his claim to be a prolific mountain climber.

He told a Janesville newspaper that he had scaled ‘close to 40′ of Colorado’s 54 ‘fourteeners’ mountains, with each being at least 14,000 feet tall. I feel another U-turn coming people. He made the claim three years ago, but since we have discovered that Paul Ryan is a ‘prolific’ liar, doubts have surfaced.

Still: this claim makes me even more suspicious than his marathon answer did. I know nothing about mountain climbing, so give my views appropriate weight. But to see what people who do have experience think, you might check out the current comments at the climbers’ site SuperTopoOne explains the reason for his skepticism:

The 54 peaks are scattered throughout remote parts of Colorado and you have to visit out-of-the-way little towns and valleys to tick the list, towns and valleys that you would never visit otherwise….

To have climbed forty and not be a resident means that you would have had to devote entire summers to climbing fourteeners, in essence becoming a “lifestyle” hiker/scrambler. I doubt Ryan had the time or dedication to fourteeners to take the required time out from his political career. Even if you did four a summer, that would be ten summers devoted to traveling to Colorado for the purpose of high altitude hiking. Even if you live here and can drive to the trail heads, forty is a huge commitment of time and energy. Source

The moral of the story is that if Paul Ryan can lie about the little and insignificant things, imagine what wonders he work on the big and significant issues such as Medicare and Medicaid reform?

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Russian President Vladimir Putin Calls Obama An Honest Man, Says Romney Mistaken About Russia

English: Vladimir Putin, the second President ...

Russian President Vladimir Putin Calls Obama An Honest Man, Says Romney Mistaken About Russia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Reuters:  Russian President Vladimir Putin calls Obama an “honest man who really wants to change much for the better.” He also told RT television that Mitt Romney’s criticism of Russia is “mistaken’ campaign rhetoric and suggested a “Romney presidency would widen the rift over the anti-missile shield the United States is deploying in Europe.”

Call Vladimir Putin what you will, but stupid isn’t one word to describe him. He knows exactly what he’s doing by saying Obama is an ‘honest man’ as opposed to Mitt Romney and his attacks against Russia. In other words, Vladimir Putin is implying that Mitt Romney is not an honest man.

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Preview: ‘The Harder They Fall’ Coming of Age Drama from Brooklyn to Jamaica

Daoud Abeid and Dahkil Hausif The Harder They Fall

Daoud Abeid and Dahkil Hausif: ‘The Harder They Fall’ Coming of Age Drama from Brooklyn to Jamaica (Photo Credit: Kickstarter)

I always like to give a shout out to my Jamaican heritage whenever possible and I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you about a coming of age drama “from the streets of Brooklyn to the Blue Mountains of Jamaica,” entitled The Harder they Fall. This isn’t a remake of Jimmy Cliff’s 1972 crime drama The Harder They Come, which incidentally, is being remade by Clement Virgo.

Here’s the synopsis of The Harder They Fall:

Nearly twelve years after the death of his mother, and with an ever growing distance between him and his father, 12-year-old Jabari is on the road to nowhere – and fast. After getting kicked out of school and putting his life in danger, Jabari’s father, Wayne, decides that the only option is to send his son to stay with his grandparents in Settlement, Jamaica, with the hope that the older couple will have better luck reaching the boy. Will Jabari bridge the gap between his anger over a childhood lost and embrace the young manhood that awaits him, or will his future be lost forever? Follow as they travel  in a coming of age tale. Source

The film is a project spearheaded by Daoud Abeid and Dahkil Hausif of Sunshowah Films and Kim Jackson of Streetwise Pictures.

Here’s the pitch on Kickstarter where the project was funded:

Former President Bill Clinton Obliterates Mitt Romney, Bows to his Heir Barack Obama

PHOTO OF THE DAY:  Former president Bill Clinton obliterates Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan during his powerful speech at the Democratic convention and they bows to his heir, President Barack Obama, as he made his way to the stage:

Former President Bill Bows to Heir President Bill Clinton

Former President Bill Clinton Obliterates Mitt Romney, Bows to his Heir Barack Obama