Poll: Obama Leads in Virginia by 5 Points, 48% Disapprove of Romney’s Reaction to Libyan Situation

Public Policy Polling: “PPP’s newest Virginia poll finds Barack Obama leads in Virginia by 5 points, 51-46. Obama’s lead is unchanged from a month ago when we found him leading 50-45 in the state. He may not be seeing a bump from the convention in the state at this point, but he was in a pretty good position to begin with.”

“Obama has a slight advantage over Romney (49-47) in terms of who voters trust more on the economy and a wider (51-45) edge over Romney on foreign policy. Only 41% of voters say they approve of how Romney reacted to the situation in Libya this week while 48% express disapproval.”

Obama’s leading 56-42 with women, 91-7 with African Americans, 63-30 with other non-white voters, and 56-37 with young voters. Romney has a 51-45 advantage with men, a 57-40 with whites, and a 54-43 lead with seniors. Romney is slightly ahead with independents, 47-45, but Obama’s party is more unified with Democrats supporting him 95-4 while Republicans go for Romney by a slightly weaker 92-7 margin.”

Police Officer Mark Taulbee Killed in High Speed Chase of Jason L. Avis in LaRue County KY

FALLEN LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER:  Hodgenville KY Police Officer Mark Taulbee killed in a single-vehicle crash while pursuing a male subject after he responded to a domestic disturbance call early Sunday morning in Larue County.

Officer Mark Taulbee pursued the vehicle taken by the suspect, Jason L. Avis, a high speeds until his vehicle left the roadway and crashed near the 4600 block of Campbellsville Road (KY 210) at around 3:43 a.m., Lex18.com reports.

Jason Avis left the scene but turned himself in to police later this morning. He was arrested and charged with Wanton Endangerment 1st Degree and Fleeing or Evading Police 1st Degree, with other charges forthcoming, the state police told Lex18.com.

Officer Mark Taulbee had served with the Hodgenville Police Department for 13 months and had previously served with the Morgan Police Department and the Butler County Sheriff’s Office. He is survived by his wife,  Elizabeth, and two children, Audra who is 20, and Austin, age 17

‘Resident Evil: Retribution’ Leads Weekend Box Office, Following by ‘Finding Nemo 3D’

Finding Nemo 3D and Resident Evil lead weekend box office

‘Resident Evil: Retribution’ Leads Weekend Box Office, Following by ‘Finding Nemo 3D’

September 16 weekend box office results: The weekend box office results improved over the results from a week ago, with Sony Gems’ Resident Evil: Retribution, the fifth installment in the series starring Milla Jovovich,  taking the No. 1 spot with $21.1 million, followed by Pixar’s G-rated animation powerhouse Finding Nemo (3D), in second place with $18 million, followed by Lionsgate The Possession in the No. 3 spot with $6 million, Weinstein’s Lawless took fourth place with $4.2 million and rounding out the top five was Focus Pictures ParaNorman with $3 million.

The Master breaks record at box office

‘The Master’ Shatters Box Office Opening on Momentum from Toronto and Venice Film Festivals (Weinstein Co.)

The Weinstein Co.’s The Master, starring Joaquin Phoenix and Philip Seymour Hoffman, as two men enmeshed in mind games, set a new record for a stellar opening on the strong momentum it built at the Venice and Toronto film festivals. The Master grossed $730,000 for September 14 – 16.

Weekend Box Office Results

1.  Resident Evil: Retribution $21.1 million
2. Finding Nemo (3D) $18 million
3. The Possession $6 million
4. Lawless $4.2 million
5. ParaNorman $3.04 million
6. The Expendables 2 $3.03 million
7. The Words $3 million
8. The Bourne Legacy $2.9 million
9.  The Odd Life of Timothy Green $2.5 million
10. The Campaign $2.4 million

NYT Nicholas Kristof: “Every Time Mitt Romney Touches Foreign Policy He Breaks Things”

Mitt Romney - Caricature

NYT Nicholas Kristof: “Every Time Mitt Romney Touches Foreign Policy He Breaks Things” (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof wrote a scathing article about Mitt Romney’s foreign policy fumble, when he accused President Obama of apologizing for protests at the U.S. Cairo embassy, without getting all the facts, when hours later it was learned that Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans were killed in Benghazi. Kristof said, “diplomacy is a minefield and Mitt Romney spent the last week blowing up his foreign policy credentials to be president.” Even if he was right to question the Obama Middle East foreign policy, that was hardly the right place and time to do it. He showed us that he is neither ready for the national stage, much less the international arena.

The essential problem is that every time Romney touches foreign policy, he breaks things. He went on a friendly trip to Britain — the easiest possible test for a candidate, akin to rolling off a log — and endeared himself by questioning London’s readiness to host the Olympic Games. In the resulting firestorm, one newspaper, The Sun, denounced “Mitt the Twit.”

(Imagine a President Romney making a London trip and helpfully offering off-the-cuff advice on Northern Ireland, or breaking the ice in Parliament by telling jokes about Queen Elizabeth. The War of 1812 would resume, and the British would again be burning down the White House.)

Then there was the Romney trip to Israel, where he insulted Palestinians and left some Jews uncomfortable with stereotyping by praising Jewish culture in the context of making money. Hmm.

After that trip, you’d have thought that on foreign policy, Romney might remember the adage: Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. Yet with the Middle East exploding in recent days because of a video insulting the Prophet Muhammad, Romney dived in with a statement that hit a trifecta: it was erroneous, inflammatory and offensive. Source:  NY Times

It’s pretty clear at this juncture that Mitt Romney is an amateur and isn’t the person I would want to answer that 3 a.m. call if a global crisis arises. Kristof said, Romney would have set up “call forwarding.” LOL.

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Conservative Pundit George Will Says Mitt Romney Couldn’t Stop Libyan Attacks Nor is Obama Turning Back on Israel

Mitt Romney, former governor of Massachusetts,...

Conservative Pundit George Will Says Mitt Romney Couldn’t Stop Libyan Attacks Nor is Obama Turning Back on Israel. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Sunday morning talk shows was the usual humdrum, but it was pretty interesting that a conservative pundit, George Will, slammed Mitt Romney and his campaign once again, saying a Romney administration wouldn’t have prevented the attacks on U.S. embassies in Libya that left Ambassador Chris Stevens and three others dead, as well as President Obama isn’t turning his back on Israel. The Romney campaign accuses Obama of doing just that. So, the infighting in the Republican Party continues. In other words, George Will is calling the Romney campaign liars for saying a Romney administration would have prevented the embassy attack. If memory serves me correctly a number of embassy attacks occurred under the George W. Bush administration. Republicans seem to have all but conceded this election and setting the stage for an excuse party as to why Mitt Romney didn’t win if Obama prevails in November. They are going to throw Mitt Romney under a bus and he will wish he had retroactively decided not to run for the presidency.

Talking Points Memo:  Asked on ABC’s “This Week” if there’s reason to believe that the situation would be different under a President Romney, Will said, “No.” “The great superstition of American politics concerns presidential power, and during a presidential year that reaches an apigy — and it becomes national narcissism,” he said. “Everything that happens anywhere in the world, we cause, or we could cure with … presidential rhetoric.”

Next up, Will had this to say about the accusation that Obama is turning his back on Israel:

Talking Points Memo:  “I really do not think it’s fair to fault the president for ‘throwing Israel under the bus,’ as they say,” Will said. “Granted, he has a bad relationship with my good friend [Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu, but the relationships between the U.S. military and the Israeli military, which is 98 percent of the point of this relationship, are quite good.”

It’s also interesting to note that U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice said during an appearance on “This Week” that the United States is not “impotent” in the face of violent protests sweeping the Muslim world being aimed at American interests, ABC News reports. Um, tell that to Mitt Romney and his lackeys, who seem to believe he has the power of Moses to part the Red Seas.

Of course, the right wing will spin this and attack George Will, probably saying he’s over the hill, but every now and then he surprises me with speaking the truth. Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu is trying to meddle in U.S. elections to help his friend Mitt Romney win, but he may have over played his hand or underestimated American voters. Yes, we care about what happens to Israel, but Israel doesn’t dictate what happens to America. They need our money and our help more than we need them. So, no, we shouldn’t be forced into another war just because Benjamin Netanyahu has his finger on the trigger. He should strike Iran unilaterally.  I guess Mitt Romney isn’t the “severely conservative” candidate most Republicans can believe.

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