6 Year Old Dominick Andujor Killed, Sister Amber Andujor in Critical Condition in Camden Double Stabbing

dominick andujor killed sister amber andujor critical
6 Year Old Dominick Andujor Killed, Sister Amber Andujor in Critical Condition in Camden Knife Attacks

SHOCK: Six year old Dominick Andujor was killed and his 12 year old sister, Amber Andujor, in critical condition after her throat was slashed, allegedly by Osvaldo Rivera, commonly knows as  ‘Popeye‘ the son of a local preacher, who is often seen outside playing with neighborhood children in Camden, NBC Philadelphia reported. This vicious attack occurred as the children slept in their rooms after their mother left them in the care of a babysitter. Amber Andujor is fighting for her life after being stabbed on her birthday. Popi allegedly broke into the home about 2:30 a.m. and went to an upstairs bedroom where he stabbed the children.

Popeye, who lives a few doors down from the family, was arrested after police launched a massive city-wide manhunt. It is not clear why the family was targeted, but NBC 10 reports that the children’s mother, who had left them in the care of their 14 year old sister while she went to the hospital, got into a dispute with the neighbor about two months ago. Still, that’s no reason to stab these two children.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and we pray that Amber Andujor will survive the vicious attack.

UPDATE#1:  Osvaldo Rivera was arrested after being found hiding between a mattress and his bedroom wall.  He reportedly told police investigators he smoked “wet,” which is a combination of marijuana and PCP, before the stabbing rampage. The same drug is thought to be involved in Chevonne Thomas’ decapitation of her son Zahree Thomas, also in Camden. She had allegedly smoked “wet” before killing the child.

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