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First Lady Michelle Obama Takes Stage at Democratic Convention to Make Case for Husband’s Reelection

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First Lady Michelle Obama Takes Stage at Democratic Convention to Make Case for Husband’s Reelection. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

Michelle Obama emerged during the 2008 presidential campaign as a powerhouse and she is filling the same role in 2012, as the most popular person at the Democratic National Convention. She will take center stage at tonight’s convention making the case why her husband should be elected to a second term.

Los Angeles Times: “Once a reluctant trail warrior, the first lady has emerged a campaign powerhouse. She has hit 77 fundraisers, an average of five a month, since May 2011, and in recent months knocked off 24 political rallies in battleground states. Her events draw crowds of thousands. Her stump speech is a politically shrewd testimony to the middle-class roots she shares with her husband, drawing a clear, though unspoken, contrast with Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney.”

USA Today: “Look for Michelle Obama to talk about how the president’s policies are moving the country forward, even in the face of a slow economic recovery. Unlike Ann Romney, who helped soften her spouse’s edges at last week’s GOP convention, the first lady doesn’t need to dwell much on the president as a husband and a father. With two-thirds of Americans holding a favorable view of Michelle Obama, she has proven to be a positive force for the White House.”

Michelle Cottle: “If Ann Romney’s convention speech was, as she adorably put it, all about ‘love,’ Michelle Obama’s will be all about passion. Not hers for Barack (or vice versa), but his for this country, all of its people, and the values about which so many people got so amped up in 2008.”

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