LOL: Trouble in Romney Campaign as GOP Lawmakers Demand a Course Change to Beat Obama

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LOL: Trouble in Romney Campaign as GOP Lawmakers Demand a Course Change to Beat Obama (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

Um, trouble in the Romney campaign? Republicans are DEMANDING that the Romney campaign change course. Yeah, with less than two months to go before the November 6th election day. Music to the Obama campaign’s ears. One more disaster like his despicable attack on President Obama on the Libyan embassy attack and Mitt Romney should throw in the towel.

The complaints come as polls show that Romney lost ground on President Obama following the party’s respective conventions in Tampa, Fla. and Charlotte, N.C. The GOP members say Romney must do a better job of communicating to voters what to expect of him, either by making a bold pledge akin to George H.W. Bush’s 1988 “no new taxes” promise or fleshing policy proposals with more details.

The Republican said Romney should make a concise, bold promise to reform wasteful spending in Washington.“He should say, ‘I’m a money manager and I will manage your money in Washington. I will eliminate waste, fraud and abuse. Obama wants you to send more money so he can spend more money.’” Source

Let’s see, Mr. One Percent doesn’t want the Obama campaign to attack his tenure (including his retroactive retirement) at Bain Capital nor can they talk about his tax returns. His tenure as governor of Massachusetts was less that spectacular, so exactly why is he qualified to be president? What’s his vision? Wait, that would be Paul Ryan’s vision — to throw momma from the train Medicare cuts and other entitlement reforms plans aimed squarely at the poor and middle class. He palls around with extremists in the Republican Party such as Bryan Fischer, Pat Robertson, Rep. Steve King, Rep. Michelle Bachmann, Joe Arpaio, Donald Trump, and others, who mostly attack Obama with hints of racism in their rhetoric.

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