So Much for Main Street: Top Five Donors to Romney Campaign All Connected to Wall Street

President Obama raised $432.2 million with his Republican rival Mitt Romney raising $279.3 million in the presidential campaign. Obama blew through his funds, but has very little debt, while his rival nearly $51 million in debts. The Obama campaign’s top donors include University of California $702, 281; Microsoft Corp. $544,445; Google Inc. $526,009, Harvard University $431,860 and the U.S. Government $396,350.

The top donors to the Romney campaign are Goldman Sachs $688,080; Bank of America $541,148; JP Morgan Chase & Co. $541,019; Morgan Stanley $535,047 and Credit Suisse Group $433,785 (all Wall Street institutions for Romney). It should be noted that the institutions themselves don’t donate to the campaigns but the money came from their PACs, individual employees or owners, including those individuals’ immediate families, Open Secrets reports.

Here’s a breakdown of money raised by both campaigns:

president obama raised more than rival mitt romney in presidential election
President Obama Outraised and Outspent Rival Mitt Romney in Presidential Election (Photo credit: Open Secrets)