President Obama Doesn’t Need to Remake Political Persona for 2nd Term, He Needs to Fix the Economy

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President Obama Doesn’t Need to Remake Political Persona for 2nd Term, He Needs to Fix the Economy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Those so-called pundits “inside the beltway” love to tell us what they think of President Obama and his aloofness towards Congressional Democrats. Where are the Bush Republicans? Oh, I’m sorry, they’re slowing coming out of the woodwork for all the wrong reasons. Well, Bloomberg’s Al Hunt:

If Barack Obama is re-elected, the biggest challenge won’t be ideological: He’s not the left-winger his opponents depict. The economy will be the dominant issue, events will shape others.

Instead, it may be personal, his political persona. Be it Democratic politicians or members of Congress, campaign contributors or business leaders, there is a common refrain: Obama doesn’t much identify with us, or even much respect what we do.

His relationship with most Democratic members of Congress lies somewhere between correct and cold. They believe that personal political loyalties are not an Obama priority. Source

Yeah, right. I don’t care who Obama identifies with, I want him to fix what ails this country and fast. The reality is that it would behoove Congressional Democrats to work with the president, though we saw the “Blue Dog Democrats” literally throw him under a bus, than work with him on Obamacare. Al Hunt is also conveniently omitting the fact that Democrats didn’t always have a love-affair with Bill Clinton, from his candidacy to his presidency.

Sorry, but the only thing I want from Obama if he wins a second term, is to fix the economic mess so that the middle class can thrive again. Manufacturing jobs must come back to America and we must stop giving lip service to energy independence and actually work to that end. We also need  a ban on assault weapons. Yeah, yeah, I know we have the right to bear arms, but what people don’t need to get their hands on are assault rifles and a shitload of ammunition, unless they are in law enforcement in some capacity.

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  • Janet – while there are indeed NATIONAL ECONOMIC FORCES – we are a “Nation Of Local Economies”.
    Why then do you focus on THE PRESIDENT “fixing the economy” but can’t see that certain machines have been in power over certain cities/regions for decades and they are stagnant regardless of their PROMISES and success at retaining their ideological voting coalition?

    Do you believe that the voters in Newark or Detroit VOTED for the past 40 years because they were convinced that ECONOMIC PROSPERITY was right around the corner?

    Despite what your stated “Wants” for Obama in a second term – (and you know I love you) – I don’t believe that YOU are able to focus upon THESE WANTS – without having various REPUBLICAN TAUNTS to distract you – THUS TAKING WHATEVER PROGRESSIVE who got your valuables off the hook for following through.

    I do not believe that after 8 years of POWER – YOU would be able to point out the unique footprint that Obama has contributed to the economic malaise of the nation.

    THE TRUTH IS – America is experiencing a PREDICTED DECLINE. American POLITICS is merely a BOOK COVER of FRAUD, LIES AND DISTRACTION to take our attention away from the critical fate that is at hand.

    The Crash Course