Republicans Growing Nervous Over Mitt Romney’s Vagueness on Policy Issues

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Republicans Growing Nervous Over Mitt Romney’s Vagueness on Policy Issues (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

COMMENTARY:  Republicans are in a quandary again about Mitt Romney. This time they are growing skittish over his vagueness about tax reform and other policy issues. We have called out Mitt Romney on a number of issues, but some have accused The Hinterland Gazette of being partisan, leaning towards the Obama administration. That’s not the case. We believe Mitt Romney’s vagueness on tax reform, releasing his tax returns, Bain Capital tenure, tax cuts, Medicare and Medicaid reform, and other issues will be his downfall come Election day. I can’t wait to watch the debates and see Obama demolish him for his “multiple choice” stance on a myriad of issues.

Too many red flags are popping up where he and his running mate are concerned. Simply saying you will take care of the middle class isn’t enough, unless you are running for class president, not the presidency of the United States of America.  To put it simply, Mitt Romney, despite his vast wealth, isn’t ready for prime time. We are seeing another Bob Dole campaign all over again. It had disastrous effect then and will have far worst results this time around. Reuters has an interesting article about the Kerry-ization of Mitt Romney for not mentioning the war in Afghanistan in his acceptance speech. The blowback, fallout or whatever you want to call it has only just begun.

“If you don’t start telling people what you believe — if you really do, in fact, believe in anything — and if you don’t start telling people, yes, these are the tax exemptions that we’re going to get taken care of … unless you have somebody that’s willing to do that, Romney’s going to lose,” said conservative Joe Scarborough on his MSNBC show Monday. “The Romney people think they can run a Bob Dole campaign, a John McCain campaign … Republicans do not win by running these types of campaigns.”

“The Romney campaign continues looking schizophrenic,” wrote Matt Lewis in a Daily Caller blog post about the candidate’s “secret” tax plan. “This is problematic. … [T]he possible long-term damage to the already-weakened Republican brand could be incalculable.” Source

No-one should be surprised that Mitt Romney started preparing for the October presidential debates in August. That’s because he is running on vagueness and has to study like crazy to sound half-way presidential. If you ask me, his running mate is a far more credible presidential candidate than he is. Rick Santorum said it best during the primary season, “Mitt Romney is the worst candidate to run against Barack Obama.”

Obama’s poll numbers will continue to increase because Mitt Romney hasn’t proven himself to be a viable presidential candidate. Talking in circles isn’t going to get him the 270 Electoral College votes he needs to seal the deal. I wish he had learned from his debacle of a debate with Ted Kennedy in 1994, during which he was labeled as ‘Mr. Multiple Choice’ for flip-flopping on the issues. No one seems to really know where he stands because one day he’s saying he likes parts of Obamacare and the next he’s saying he’ll implement his own plan. Go figure, but this isn’t behavior becoming of a potential president.

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