Scott Van Duzer, Ft. Pierce Restaurant Owner, Lifts Obama Off Feet With Bear Hug

Scott Van Duzer Lifts President Obama off feet in Bear Hug
Scott Van Duzer, Ft. Pierce Restaurant Owner, Lifts Obama Off Feet in Bear Hug

Scott Van Duzer, owner of the Big Apple Pizza & Pasta Restaurant in Ft. Pierce lifted President Obama off his feet with a bear hug when he stopped by his restaurant Sunday afternoon, the White House pool report said:

“Scott, what’s going on man,” Potus shouted as he came through the door. “Scott, let me tell you, you are like the biggest pizza shop owner I’ve ever seen.”

Potus approached Van Duzer, 46, of Port St. Lucie, who stands 6-foot-3 and weighs 260 pounds.

“Everybody look at these guns,” Potus said, pointing to Van Duzer’s monstrous pectoral muscles. “If I eat your pizza will I look like that?”

The two men laughed. They embraced. Van Duzer lifed Potus a good foot off the ground.

“Look at that!” Obama exclaimed once back on firm ground. “Man are you a powerlifter or what?”

Van Duzer later told the press at the event that was “just overcome with excitement” and he lifted up the president. He also said the Secret Service “said I was alright as long as I didn’t take him away.” Of course, the right wing isn’t so thrilled, since Mitt Romney doesn’t get such a response out of anyone, not even Seamus.

  • Janet:

    You have “issues”, my friend.

    You are so busy executing upon your “Right-Wing Indictment By Negative Interest” campaign that you can’t see that the base who has BOUGHT INTO your messages must necessarily abdicate their own interests in development.

    It is not that ROMNEY will advance these INTERESTS.
    The more sage observation is that while Obama and the progressives have GOTTEN ALL OF YOUR VALUABLES that you put into their collection plate – YOU keep reminding us how repulsive Republicans are to you, NEVER mentioning how repulsed you are to getting taken – as you failed to build up a NON-POLITICAL ALTERNATIVE for your development.

    • Constructive Feedback — I keep asking you to tell me what Mitt Romney’s plan is. I know Paul Ryan’s plan, but we can’t seem to make headway on Mr. Multiple Choice’s true plans for the middle class. He claims to have walked the real streets of America. Yeah, those streets leading to Wall Street not to Harlem or Bed-Stuy.