Whoopi Goldberg to Ann Coulter on Racism: “Tell Me How Much You Know About Being Black”

Romney supporter Ann Coulter just got shut-down on “The View” while talking about racism. Whoopi Goldberg’s response to her: “Tell me how much you know about being black.” Ann Coulter thinks she has an inside track on the whole issue of racism in this country. Calling white men who date black women “freedom riders” is not only insulting to these couples, but to the “freedom riders” in the 1960s who fought for racial justice and equality. Ann Coulter is simply a disgrace. No Ann, civil rights doesn’t only apply to blacks.

Ann Coulter’s chaotic visit on the set of The View:

Here’s her tweet from September 26:

Ann Coulter calling Lawrence O’Donnell and Bill Maher “freedom riders” for datinig black gals:

Ann Coulter saying civil rights is for blacks:

  • pelmo

    They are both ignorant. Whoopi’s statement “how much do you know about being black” is as stupid as asking her ‘how much do you know about being white”?
    The only way so called racism will end in this country, is when Black America stops and looks in a mirror, and after doing so admits, that maybe, just maybe, the person staring back might hold some of the blame

    • Ann Coulter is a bigger idiot than Whoopi Goldberg. This isn’t solely about black America. It’s about the white extremists who have hijacked the Republican Party trying to force everyone to conform to their narrow way of thinking. Just like the members of the KKK who went to church on Sundays and burned crosses and lynched Sunday nights.

      • Ray

        Nonsense. The moderates control the GOP and destroy it. The Dims are the radicals and they are destroying America and the West. The left is to blame for everything wrong in our nation.

  • All the while, Whoopi will “soft shoe” for a hollywood script playing the steroetypical black woman/crack head/con artist….

  • john burton

    woopie is the most disgusting racist pig, beyond ugly with those creepy dreads and those rabbit teeth. But the ugliest feature by far is that massive chip that has grown on her left shoulder.


    Coulter is a hoot. “Freedom Riders”, that’s really funny. Look for more backlash against the race pimps. They should be laughed out of the country all of those race pimps starting with Obama, the head pimp. If all the race pimps large and small packed it up…just think of the drop in crime?