Denver Post Endorses President Obama, Slams Mitt Romney Insult that 47 Percent of Americans are Deadbeats

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Denver Post Endorses President Obama, Slams Mitt Romney Insult that 47 Percent of Americans are Deadbeats. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Denver Post endorses President Obama for reelection and pans Mitt Romney as not the centrist he was as Massachusetts governor, saying it doesn’t believe he would stand up to the Tea Party elements in the Republican Party.

Denver Post:  A largely intransigent Republican Party shares in the blame, however, particularly because of unwillingness to cede any ground to Obama in the last two years on policies — such as the president’s American Jobs Act — that attempt to bolster the economy.

And though there is much in Mitt Romney’s résumé to suggest he is a capable problem-solver, the Republican nominee has not presented himself as a leader who will bring his party closer to the center at a time when that is what this country needs.

His comments on the 47 percent of Americans who refuse to “take personal responsibility and care for their lives” were a telling insight into his views and a low point of the campaign.

Obama, on the other hand, has shown throughout his term that he is a steady leader who keeps the interests of a broad array of Americans in mind.

We urge Coloradans to re-elect him to a second term.

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  • Janet:

    Its a good thing that the Denver Post did not consider:

    1) 3 out of the 4 years of $1.2Trillion+ deficits were a larger insult than the 47%

    2) Drone bombings of sovereign nations is worse than Water Boarding of terror suspects who lived to be offended

    3) Offended that health care costs are rising in Massachusetts and in America despite “Romeny Care” and “Obamacare”

    4) Offended that the LEAST OF THESE have been investing their valuables in PROGRESSIVES for over 80 years and yet they are STILL “The Least of These”

    I guess an endorsement is only as valuable as what one is OFFENDED by and thus they leave out other important matters.

    • Constructive Feedback — What is Mitt Romney’s proposal to lift the black community out of the muck it’s in? Please tell me what he proposes to do about the high school drop-out rates in inner city schools? Do you honestly think what he is proposing will cut the deficit? You must be suffering from Romnesia.