Felix Baumgartner Makes History with Highest Free Fall in the World for 24 Mile Jump from Earth

Felix Baumgartner freefall jump from edge of space
Felix Baumgartner Makes History with Longest Free Fall Jump in the World (Photo Credit: BBC on Twitter)

BREAKING NEWS:  Felix Baumgartner attempts the longest free fall in history and is on track to accomplish his goal. His parachute has opened and he’s heading to the Earth. He has the world’s record for the longest jump, 128,000 feet, more than 24 miles up. He landed on his feet out to the east of Roswell. Unofficial word that it was a four minute and 22 second drop in free fall. Doesn’t break the record for the elapsed time of the free. It will be interesting to see if he broke MACH. Austrian parachutist Felix Baumgartner and the Red Bull Stratos team have made history. The lessons learned from the space suit he wore will undoubtedly have an impact on space travel for decades to come. Felix Baumgartner is a brave man and I commend him for this feat!

LA Times: It is an endeavor, five years in the making, to break a free-fall world record of 102,800 feet, or 19 miles, set by Air Force test pilot Joe Kittinger in 1960. The jump by Baumgartner, 43, is designed to test the threshold of his equipment and find out what it shows about the limits and capabilities of the human body bailing out from aircraft at ultra-high altitudes.

Red Bull has paid millions of dollars to Southern California aerospace companies to pull off the mission, but it won’t say exactly how much. Wearing a newly designed suit and helmet, Baumgartner will be carried skyward inside a pressurized capsule suspended from the largest balloon ever used in a manned flight. Most of the equipment involved was built by Sage Cheshire Inc., a small aerospace firm in Lancaster.

The pressurized capsule, weighing 2,900 pounds — a little more than a Volkswagen Beetle — will be carried by the balloon to an altitude of 23 miles. The trip will take up to three hours, and temperatures will fall as low as minus-70 degrees.

Felix Baumgartner broke three records — one for the fastest free fall ever, one for the highest manned balloon and the highest free fall jump ever.

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