Joseph Kernizan, Fugitive Wanted in Murders of Ex-Wife Tracy Bennett and Married Lover Wayne Hamilton, Commits Suicide

Joseph Kernizan commits suicide
Joseph Kernizan, Fugitive Wanted in Murders of Ex-Wife Tracy Bennett and Married Lover Wayne Hamilton, Commits Suicide

Joseph Kernizan, (Country)who killed his ex-wife Tracy Bennett and her married lover, reggae singer Wayne Hamilton (Captain Barkey), outside a seedy Bronx motel, early Saturday morning, was found dead from an apparent suicide in the Miami-Dade area. The NYPD was notified that he committed suicide just before 11 p.m. Tuesday. Joseph Kernizan was tracked by U.S. Marshals to a local apartment where he killed himself.


  • Waner Jerome

    Let us be clear on this if not on anything else: All three
    deceased were very shady people. Though none of them deserved to die as a
    result of this sordid, disgusting, and truly tragic situation, no one here can
    say that they have all the details and that any of the deceased did not greatly
    contribute to this situation.

    None of the parties involved were innocent if you ask me.
    Ms. Bennett was probably the person who knew Country the most yet she still
    tested him not for one second thinking about her 3 children’s well being if he
    delivered on any of his promises. As a woman I put my child first.

    We all can sit here behind our
    computers and play judge, jury and executioner to make the week go by faster
    but we will never know the depths of this since they’re no longer here to tell
    it. Although, the best lessons ever learned are those through personal
    experiences but we all can benefit from this one. 1. Don’t let your ego control
    you 2. Know when to let go. 3. Don’t mess with anyone’s heart. 4. don’t do to
    others what you would not want them to do to you.

    Tracy knew more than anybody else
    who she was involved with and yet, instead of packing up and leave, she chose
    instead to carry on a five year illicit affair with a married man with
    children. Capt. Barkey knew that the woman was in a long term committed
    relationship with children and that her man was a bad MoFo, yet he persisted even
    though he was threatened and followed by the man.

    Joseph, Country, was no angel and of all
    people, Tracy knew it. Why did she not make sure that she left first or ask the
    man to leave.

    Instead, she remained, went on
    trips with her married lover, humiliated the father of her children, who in
    better times supported her through nursing school, gave her so much money and built a life for
    her and their children.

    If I were Country, I would have
    left the house but amply provide support for my kids. If I were Tracy, I would
    have told the man that I am no longer happy, and that I am leaving. He would
    have full visitation rights and even shared custody. If approach and addressed with respect,
    Country would have understood. If I were
    Wayne, I certainly would not placed my life in such jeopardy by carrying an
    affair so openly and especially with a woman linked to a man with such
    propensity to violence. What the hell did they expect? That Country was going
    to find Jesus?

    When you play with fire, you get
    burned, sometimes beyond recognition. When you play with electricity, you end
    up electrocuted. This is what happens to selfish and uncaring people. They all
    deserved what happened to them; those who are left behind are the real victims.

  • eloiim

    Tracey bennett never want to leave the house. Cause her husband has a lot of money. she was a gold digger

    • charlotte

      you are right, she is a gold digger, joe was a good man. he has millions, he owns many businesses,houses, and is a music producer. she married joe for money, she never wanted to leave joe for barkey, she told barkey joe provides well and she loves the life of being his wife. but the whore rather stay and play games with joe. the saddest part is the kids in joe’s life. he loves his kids and he took good care of them. he stayed with tracy mainly for the kids. now joe’s kids are orphan because tracy and barkey is so selfish.