Mavis Hamilton, Wife of Reggae Singer Wayne Hamilton Killed by Joseph Kernizan, Had No Idea He Had a Mistress

Have you seen Joseph Kernizan? He was wanted by the New York Police for the double murders of Wayne Hamilton and Tracy Bennett:

Joseph Kernizan wanted
Mavis Hamilton, Wife of Reggae Singer Wayne Hamilton, Killed by Joseph Kernizan, Had No Idea He Had a Mistress Outside Holiday Motel (DCPI)

Wayne Hamilton, a popular reggae singer known as Captain Barkey, who lives in Milwaukee, was gunned down along with his mistress, Tracy Bennett, by the father of two of her three children, Joseph Kernizan, a music producer who goes by the nickname “Country,” in the parking lot of a seedy Bronx Holiday Motel early Saturday. Hamilton reportedly mocked Kernizan in his song “Nah Lef Joe,” singing about bedding a woman, who refused to leave Joe. Joseph Kernizan is on the run and wanted by police.

The NY Daily News:  “Cops described Kernizan as 5-foot-5 and 220 pounds. Tenants at a house he owned in Canarsie, Brooklyn, said he also owned a nearby barbershop, opened a club in West Hempstead, L.I., and owned four different cars.

The New York Post:  In August, Bennett, a registered nurse at Winthrop Hospital, took out a restraining order against Kernizan, 42, who is the father of her two youngest kids, Mia, 12, and Jason, 7.

Records show Kernizan — who goes by the nickname “Country’’ and works at the nightclub Giggles in Hempstead, LI — was then arrested Aug. 17 for contempt. The suspect — due in court on domestic-violence raps Oct. 22 — has six prior arrests, all sealed, including for robbery, assault and fraud, law-enforcement sources said. He and Bennett had been married for more than a decade, her relatives said, and were separated but still sharing her Elmont, LI, home.

What’s equally sad is that Mavis Hamilton, the singer’s wife, reportedly didn’t know he had a relationship with this woman for five years. If this isn’t a case of when you play, you pay, then I don’t know what is.  This is proof that what is done in the dark always comes to light. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Mavis Hamilton and the innocent children of Tracy Bennett left motherless.

UPDATE #1:  Joseph Kernizan committed suicide in Miami-Dade apartment Tuesday night.

  • Anita

    I am not sure if you are somewhat implying that the victims are responsible for the crime committed by an insane and jealous fool.

    • pat mourassa

      Only the kids are innocents in this affair,both of the dead are complicit.

  • Sue

    The bottom line is, not many men can deal with cheating, a lot of them go crazy. These two people were selfish and immoral. They were together secretly for five years so she was cheating on Kernizan BEFORE they broke up. Cheating NEVER solves anything and Kernizan should have sought help to deal with the problem rather than let things get to his head.

  • Sally

    All I can say is my prayers go out to the families that have been effected by this ungodly loss. I pray for Mia and JJ. For they are the true victims ….

  • Warrior

    R.I.P. Joe you were a good man, a great husband and father.Barkey and Tracy made their own death beds.

  • Joe Kernizan Fan

    CaptainBarkey and TracyBennett cause their own fate. You play and you pay big time.