Mitt Romney M.I.A. During 2005 Greenfield MA Flooding That Wiped Out Low-Income Housing, Trailer Park (47 Percent)

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Mitt Romney M.I.A. During 2005 Greenfield MA Flooding That Wiped Out Low-Income Housing, Trailer Park (47 Percent) (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

Well, what do you know, Mitt Romney bungled a natural disaster during his tenure as Massachusetts, specifically when he went M.I.A. October 9, 2005, when heavy rains caused the Green River to rise to historic levels and flooded parts of Greenfield, Mass. The flooding affected the 47 percent of Americans Mitt Romney looks down on — destroyed a trailer park and wiped out some low-income housing. Water also submerged the town’s water treatment plant. That was a recipe for disaster.

As the rain fell and the Green River rose, Greenfield’s then-Mayor Christine Forgey tells The Huffington Post that she did not hear from Romney. About 75 people, including many retirees, lost their homes in the trailer park, she says. Still many more were displaced. Forgey says a resident opened up the high school and used it as a crisis shelter. A radio station launched a food and clothing drive and the Red Cross provided services.

Forgey, according to press accounts, tried to get Romney on the phone, but she only got as far as a the Lieutenant Governor’s chief of staff. She and others started complaining to the press in the hopes of getting the governor’s attention.

The town could handle distributing donated shirts and juice. But Greenfield, with its population of 18,000, couldn’t repair this level of loss, which had been estimated to exceed $1 million. Forgey said she needed the state government to respond and for Romney to declare an emergency. But for days, Greenfield residents were on their own, with limited outside help. “We really didn’t get the response we were looking for,” she says. “I had to declare a state of emergency … We really needed help desperately, desperately.” On the first day, Forgey says she did not hear from Romney. Nor the second day. Nor the third. Source

So, I ask you, if Mitt Romney couldn’t manage a disaster in a small town, how do you expect him to manage a disaster of the proportions left by Hurricane Sandy? The media reports say 13 people are dead, scores of properties under water or demolished, 50 houses burned to the ground in Breezy Point, NY, massive damage to the subways and tunnels, beach erosion, scores of damaged cars and the lives of the residents on the East Coast up-ended. Mitt Romney was the same person who said in response to a question asked by CNN’s John King during a Republican presidential debate that he would get rid of FEMA.

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