Nanny Yoselyn Ortega Charged With Stabbing Two Small Children to Death in Upper West Side Luxury Apartment

leo and lulu krim stabbed to death by nanny
Leo and Lulu Krim, children of Kevin Krim and wife Marina, stabbed to death by nanny Yoselyn Ortega.

SHOCK:  An Upper West Side nanny Yoselyn Ortega reportedly stabbed to death two small children of CNBC media executive Kevin Krim and his pediatrician wife Marina Krim. Yoselyn Ortega then slit her throat in a botched suicide attempt Thursday afternoon at the La Rochelle luxury apartment building on 75th Street. The mother of the children returned home at about 5:34 p.m. with another child and found Yoselyn Ortega, 50, in a pool of blood in the kitchen and her two youngest children, ages two and six, in the bathroom with several stab wounds to their bodies, the NY Post reports.

kevin krim children killed
Yoselyn Ortega Stabs to Death Lulu and Leo Krim, Kids of CNBC Executive Kevin Krim. (Photo credit: LinkedIn)

The children, Lulu and Leo, were rushed to St. Luke’s Hospital. The 50-year-old nanny was also taken to St. Luke’s with wounds to her neck and throat. The nanny, who has not yet been charged, was listed in critical but stable condition.

It was unclear where the children’s father — Kevin Krim, CNBC’s general manager of digital content — was when the kids were found. Police said Marina Krim discovered the bodies after she returned home from her 3-year-old daughter’s swimming practice.

The apartment was pitch-black and dead quiet, prompting Krim to go downstairs and ask a doorman if he saw the nanny leave with her kids, NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly said. After the doorman said no, she went back upstairs, walked into the blood-spattered bathroom and started screaming. Source

Yoselyn Ortega kills Kevin Krim's children
Yoselyn Ortega Kills Lucia and Leo Krim Before Botched Suicide Attempt at La Rochelle Luxury Apartment

A picture of the nanny has been released. I can’t help but feel real sorrow for her as well. She snapped, but why? The above photograph was taken on a Krim family trip the Dominican Republic in February, shows her holding 6-year-old Lucia and her 3-year-old sister, Nessie. She is a native of the Dominican Republic. Some people are asking why stay-at-home moms need nannies. Why blame Marina Krim? She had no way of knowing that evil was about to land in her home and claim two of her children.

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  • Lily

    I want to know where this family found that nanny and if they did any background investigations on her. As a nanny myself I am horrified and angered by it because they could not have done a background check on her or called the families she worked for before she got this job. This woman is as scary as a serial killer like Ted Bundy. Where did they find her and what precautions did they take before they let her watch their kids? This type of thing makes families everywhere cautious to hire nannies even if they have references and clean background checks and then there won’t be as many good jobs for good nannies just like me and the young nannies working in my building now because moms everywhere are going to be leaving their jobs because they’re afraid of something like this happening to their kids. Any info on where they found their nanny and what they did before they hired her is appreciated!

    • K. Parks

      Way to go, thinking about yourself and your job, instead of the anguish of these parents.

    • Jess

      Are you kidding me? You’re using this as a platform to discuss nannies? You should be ashamed of yourself.

    • LUCY335

      lily are you for real !!!!! how can a background check predict what somebody will do in the future.Wait for the facts before posting such an ignorant stupid crass comment -2 children were murdered by somebody entrusted to care for them –
      you really are a piece of work and i wouldnt trust the likes of you to babysit my goldfish never mind kids with your heartless and quite frankly rather disturbing views on this not even 24 hours since it happened -GET SOME HELP !!!!!

    • A. Martin

      I started responding to this comment last night but was too upset by what i read off and decided to wait… but guess what I am still upset.. are you “horrified and angered” because 2 innocent babies are dead, or because of the effect that this tragedy may have on the “nanny industry”?? “this type of thing” is something that NO parent should ever have to experience. How dare you insinuate that this is somehow the parents fault or that they could have prevented this awful tragedy. Shame on you!!!

      • Eric Lencher

        How dare you insinuate that it’s not the parents fault! The truth is that neither you nor I can comment on how the nanny was treated. There are a ton of human trafficing cases regarding rich families treating nannies like slaves. I am NOT insinuating that THAT is what happened here. But I am saying that both you and I need to wait for all of the information to come out before we can draw all the conclusions.

  • Martha

    There definitely has to be more to this story than we even know right now.

    • Martha — Even if she’s underpaid, taking it out on the children isn’t right. These two little kids didn’t deserve this. They did nothing wrong. My heart is broken for this family. Thanksgiving and Christmas will never be the same. Life will never be the same for them. This was a tragedy that didn’t have to happen. Sad. Sad. Sad. I hope she doesn’t die. She deserves the death penalty, but my guess is that some lawyer will use the insanity plea.

    • LUCY335

      WOW martha have you gotten access to this Nannies pay details ??? how do you know this ? ……..oh you dont know anything as fact do you -you are presuming and making excuses for this terrible tragedy .ive been in jobs where ive felt underpaid and stifled as you put it -the solution -find another bloody job !!! not murdered innocent babies .im sickened by some of the posts on forums on this subject as it really shows how sick some minds are

    • Enap

      Shame on Martha and Lily for their gross, ignorant and ice cold comments!!! Those comments are disgusting. No ones anything accept that these babies were murdered by their caregiver. No good parent would want this to happen and they would have prevented if they could have! They trusted this woman and she hid whatever illness she had well. Prayers for this family it is absolutely unimaginable what they are going through and will be going through for the rest of their lives.

    • Squatter Nannies

      Even if this were the case, they’d still kill to come to this country. Anything is better than where they are…the slums of 3rd world countries. But in the end, WE are the ones who pay for this, with our lives, or our children’s lives. Raise your own kids or ask the grandparents to watch them.

  • Francis

    I’ve never understood how adults can abuse or murder innocent children. Then I think of all the children massacred in genocides around the world and can only come up with one answer: There is evil everywhere & the devil’s work is never finished. Life is so precious & don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

    • This has nothing to do with evil, and everything to do with humans, and ONLY humans. Attributing this to some kind of deity is absurd.

  • Heavy_Mettle

    Maybe nannies should at least have a high school diploma, some formal education…not a Ph.D. mind you–but education does mold the individual, if nothing else.

  • History is a Broken Record

    Humans will turn on you…proven to be true almost every day. “Mars is that-a-way”, that’s what I tell these people from 3rd world countries.

  • jake1969

    Martha needs to crawl back under a rock to even link this tragedy to nanny pay and conditions. Disgusting. What a creep! BTW, a lot of these nannies in the good sides of town actually make good money and have great working conditions. If they don’t like it, quit! I can’t believe I’m even commenting on this slime anyhow.

  • The Grass is Blood Red

    Everyone thinks the streets of NY are laid with gold, or that the grass is greener in the U.S. LOL.

  • Nurses as Nannies?

    Perhaps nannies should have a nursing degree. This ensures they are medically astute and educated.

  • justiceforbabydarisabel

    That nanny is creepy looking! Her eyes look dead. She looks bloody evil. May she rot in hell for torturing those kids to death. They suffered a horrible death at her hands and I hope jailhouse justice prevails. I hope she’s beaten slowly to death by the bigget, nastiest inmates possible.

    Not that it has anything to do with it but why did this mom have a nanny? By all accounts she was a stay at home mom. Wtf would she need a nanny for. I just hope it’s not a case where rich, spoiled mommy treated nanny like dirt and she ended up snapping. I guess it’ll all come out.

    • DTmommy

      We shouldn’t judge why this SAH mom has a nanny. The husband may travel a lot . . . he was, after all, on the plane when all this happened. In NYC, many SAH moms have sitters to help out since the kids may have different after-school activities, and no one uses a car (like in the suburbs where you can load all your kids in a minivan).

      • Madge

        I have been a nanny 4 yrs with an Armonk family.current who are beautiful.prior to that I was abused and forced to mop a10 room house while I was 8 months pregnant,no heat in the basement room,no windows,no food,I had to bring my own.i worked 16 hrs days.I survived by doing yoga,meditation upgrading my education.There are horrible nanny conditions.these people abuse most nannies,no food,can’t use your phone long hours,and they let you go home 2am in the morning so they can go out.This is however no excuse for kids loss of life.fbi should investigate these parents,no one wakes up nd kill little kids,maybe someone did it.

  • Very irresponsible of the writer to use this family’s tragedy as a segue into the whole “housewives with nannies” debate. Especially since the same writer already mentioned earlier in the article that his wife is a pediatrician. Hardly sounds like a stay-at-home mom to me. Stick to the story instead of dragging politics into the senseless murder of two small children.

  • Guest

    Poor, f*cked up woman, but christ, can you imagine the absolute hell the family is in and will be for the rest of their lives?! There is no reason for her to live on this planet anymore. This is why the death penalty exists…