Is Obama Supporter Gloria Allred Preparing an “October Surprise” With Revelation of a Mitt Romney Secret or Scandal?

Gloria Allred October surprise
Is Obama Supporter Gloria Allred Preparing an “October Surprise” With Revelation of a Mitt Romney Secret or Scandal? (Photo credit: Getty Images)

Gee, I never thought Gloria Allred would interject herself in the presidential election, but she has an “October Surprise” that will probably call a press conference to slam Mitt Romney with some “epic” revelation? A disgruntled maid or handyman? Or a mistress? Allred is rumored to be preparing to reveal some secret or scandal to torpedo Mitt Romney’s chances at winning the election. You will recall Gloria Allred torpedoed Meg Whitman’s chances for winning the gubernatorial election in California when she represented a disgruntled former housekeeper, Nicky Diaz, who was an illegal immigrant. Needless to say, Whitman lost the election to Jerry Brown, a Democrat. Ms. Allred won’t confirm or deny the rumors involving Mitt Romney.

The Republicans are going nuts over this rumor, starting with Matt Drudge, who tweeted on Thursday that this was coming:

Conservative blog, The Red Side of Life, is freaking out, saying Gloria Allred took down Herman Cain and could do the same thing with Mitt Romney. But wait, has Gloria Allred even said she has evidence against Mitt Romney? No. Why don’t we wait to hear from her on that first? Gloria Allred has them quaking in their boots because she usually wins at the PR game, doesn’t she? This will be interesting to watch. I hope she literally has the “mother of all bombs” to slam the many Mitts we are dealing with. I bet he’ll feign ignorance, um, Romnesia, about whatever she accuses him of. There must be something out there because even the right wing watchdog group Judicial Watch is mounting an offensive. Why are they freaking out? It’s interesting to watch the Rethuglicans scramble over a rumor.

  • Guest

    Are they seriously running with the Romnesia thing? Oh yeah I forgot book binders and Big Bird were a ‘thing”. Pathetic.

    • woodstock950

      Which Willard Pinocchio Myth Rmoney do you support? The one who is going to cut tax rates by 20% for everyone or the one who isn’t going to cut tax rates for the 1%? Is it the one who is for the personhood amendment that would make all abortion murder, the one who says abortion is okay in cases of rape, incest, or the health of the mother, or the one who supports Roe v. Wade? Rmoney has more sides of issues than there are.

      • woodstock950

        This pretty much sums it up. It’s from the editorial page of the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

        “All politicians change positions over time — Obama in 2008 shifted his position on health care reform more to the center. But Romney’s frequent changes raise questions about his core principles and make his lack of policy details all the more troubling. They make you wonder if he would stand up to the more extreme elements in his own party, especially to the House Republicans who undercut Ohioan John Boehner’s attempts to negotiate a deficit and debt deal.

        Romney’s tendency to bluster on foreign policy provides more cause for doubt. With tens of thousands of young Americans still in harm’s way in Afghanistan, the United States cannot afford to be drawn into new wars without clear national interests at stake or to sap its resources in further open-ended conflicts. The Benghazi killings reveal the risks of an “Arab Spring” in which terrorists have gained new weaponry and new freedom to operate. But these challenges require inventive diplomacy and international engagement, not slogans or swagger.”

  • Yes, the mother of ALL bombs, to shake people out of Romnesia and Romenyistan

  • We’re not all going nuts. Joe Biden has more credibility than Allred. Bring it.

  • Romney and his 8 trillion dollars we have to pay for that is pathetic you all cry about the debt now! we are doing better dont mess it up! i blame you folks for trying to steal my medicare and home deductions !!!! its pathetic alright do you even know who he will give the money too? our money???? its not gonna be education, infrastructure it will be the rich top percent and you crazy? how could you do that to us?

  • mom58

    she has to inject herself, they are loosing

  • woodstock950

    Actually, I heard it’s Larry Flint who has Willard Pinocchio Myth Rmoney’s tax returns that he’s trying to hide. Remember, he offered $1 million to get his hands on the returns. I also heard 10/22 is the day this is going to drop.

  • mm

    That’s interesting since Gloria spoke against Obama in 2010 for forcing her and others to vote for him in the primaries instead of Hillary