PA Judge Robert Simpson Rules Voters Can Vote Without IDs But Leaves Controversial Law Largely In Tact

Commonwealth Court Judge Robert Simpson ruled that the controversial voter ID law in Pennsylvania can remain mostly in tact for the November election, but will impose a very narrow injunction that will allow even those without identification to vote. The ruling, which is expected to be appealed to the Supreme Court, targets the portion of the law that deals with provisional ballots.

As written, the law said voters who do not bring proper photo ID on Election Day can cast a provisional ballot. They would then have six days to bring in the required photo ID for their votes to count.

But as he had indicated last week during hearings in the case, Simpson decided that the law does not disenfranchise voters simply because it requires poll workers to ask for photo ID. Rather, the risk comes when a voter casts a provisional ballot but then cannot obtain the necessary identification in time.

As a result, Simpson decided that for the November 6 election only, voters without appropriate photo ID could vote, but would no longer have to produce identification within six days, as their votes would be counted. Source

READ: The Judge Robert Simpson’s opinion (pdf)

  • FrankC

    Americans are required to show ID to buy beer or tobacco, why should one not be required to show ID to VOTE. Americans died for this privilage and now lawmakers turn away for political correctness. I’m a NAM vet and all these left liberals make me sick