Piers Morgan Says Romney “Might Save America,” What a Load of “Fatuous Nonsense”

Piers Morgan at CES 2011.
Piers Morgan Says Romney “Might Save America,” What a Load of “Fatuous Nonsense.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The British television host Piers Morgan, who replaced Larry King on CNN, supports Mitt Romney, calling him “one of the least principled politicians I’ve ever encountered” and that he “might save America.” Um, Piers Morgan should worry about his ratings over at CNN and not about a presidential candidate, especially since he can’t vote. To use a phrase he coined, this is nothing more than “fatuous nonsense.” Judging from the team of George W. Bush people he has surrounded himself with and their track record, I seriously doubt he will save America.

One senior Republican figure, a man widely tipped to run for President at a later date, told me during the party’s convention in August: ‘Mitt’s not the kind of guy you’d go for a beer with, mainly because he doesn’t drink beer. But he’s the kind of guy who gets stuff done.’

Of course, it’s not over yet. There are two more crucial debates, starting with one this Tuesday. But if Romney were to win those too, he’d be well on the way to the White House.

There was great excitement around the world when America elected its first black President in 2008. The possible election of America’s first Mormon President will bring with it far lower expectations. But that may not be such a bad thing, for him, for America, or for the world. Especially if he actually gets stuff done.

Um, Piers, are you sure you beat that hacking scandal mess? Why not worry about that instead of who we pick as our next president? What about the mess in your country? We can’t quite put a finger on that record of job creation that Mitt Romney is touting, since Bain Capital was more into profits than preserving jobs and he was really a “Vacationer-in-Chief” as governor of Massachusetts.

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