Pro-Romney Super PACs Spending Big Bucks to Defeat President Obama

Mitt Romney
Pro-Romney Super PACs Sending Big Bucks to Defeat President Obama (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Big money flowing from pro-Romney super PACs against President Obama and it will only increase the closer we get to November 6.

Republican Majority CampaignAGAINST: Obama, Barack$150,000
Women Speak Out PACAGAINST: Obama, Barack$157,000
Black Men VoteFOR: Obama, Barack$101,944
Black Republican PACAGAINST: Obama, Barack$30,000
Working for Us PACFOR: Obama, Barack$18,723

Just last week, American Crossroads spent $7.4 million to for Republican races, including the presidential race. Crossroads GPS spent $1.01 million last week, while Restore Our Future spent a little under $6 million. The National Rifle Association, which is a pro-gun group desirous of seeing Obama fail, spent $1.6 million last week.

This is the data latest from Open Secrets. We are following the money trail for you. Don’t let them buy your vote. Vote with your conscience and your head.

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