Report: Family Rebellion, Lead by Tagg Romney, Shakes Up Romney Campaign for Better

tagg romney campaign shakeup
Report: Family Rebellion, Lead by Tagg Romney, Shakes Up Romney Campaign for Better (Photo credit: ABC News)

A “family intervention” just before the first presidential debate, may have been a lifeline to Mitt Romney’s campaign because it drastically changed things up dramatically inside his campaign, which we are seeing in the polls.

Politico:  “The family pushed for a new message, putting an emphasis on a softer and more moderate image for the GOP nominee — a ‘let Mitt be Mitt’ approach they believed more accurately reflected the looser, generous and more approachable man they knew. Chief strategist Stuart Stevens — whom the family held responsible for allowing Romney’s personal side to be obscured by an anti-Obama economic message — has seen his once wide-ranging portfolio ‘fenced in’ to mainly the debates, and the television advertising that is his primary expertise, according to campaign officials. Tagg Romney, channeling his mother’s wishes, is taking a much more active role in how the campaign is run.”

“The family rebellion, long building despite Mitt Romney’s initial reluctance to change, reached a climax in September, amid mounting evidence that the status quo was doomed to failure. The course correction came after internal polls showed him losing nearly every swing state and a loud chorus of second-guessing among prominent conservatives.”

Will the media paint Ann Romney as the new Nancy Reagan or the woman who wants to see her husband win? Michelle Obama wasn’t portrayed in a positive light by the right wing press, particularly after her statement about being proud about her country was taken out of context and she was painted as the “angry black woman.”