Sacramento Bee Endorses President Obama: He Kept Promises to End War in Iraq, Restore America’s Reputation Worldwide

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Sacramento Bee Endorses President Obama: He Kept Promises to End War in Iraq, Restore America’s Reputation Worldwide (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sacramento Bee endorses President Obama:  The Sacramento Bee newspaper has endorsed Barack Obama for president, saying he has “kept promises on ending the war in Iraq and restoring America’s reputation around the world.”

Sacrament Bee Endorses President Obama:  Obama ran on pledges to end the war in Iraq, hunt down al-Qaida leaders and restore the nation’s reputation in the world. He has followed through. The foreign policy disasters created by the Bush administration were a heavy burden to inherit. But Obama has successfully extricated the United States from Iraq and removed Osama bin Laden from the international stage. Moreover, he has strengthened our relationships with democratic allies and sent a clear message to dictators in the Arab-Muslim world that, unless they open up their societies, their people will rise up and end their rule.


Obama not only inherited wars, he inherited a mortgage meltdown and the worst economic recession since the Great Depression. He had to act quickly to prevent two automakers from going bankrupt and forestall a larger Wall Street catastrophe, and he did.

While some critics on the left say he should have gone further, by breaking up banks and launching an ambitious New Deal-style jobs program, it should be remembered that even Obama’s modest “stimulus” package was fought tooth and nail by Republicans in Congress. As has been well documented, the Republican strategy was to block all of the president’s efforts at economic recovery, even if it kept unemployment high for an extended period. As a coldblooded political strategy, it has worked, and millions of Americans have paid the price.

Interesting endorsement. The comments left by readers range from the Sacrament Bee can “kiss my backside” to “this is all bullshit,  just ask Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh.” SMH.
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  • Janet:

    * If you have seen the tally of “US Military Deaths Per Year” that span the Bush and Obama Administrations – noting a drop off of between 100 and 150 per year – but STILL at very elevated rates – how does “He Ended The Iraq War As Promised” make him due for a second Nobel Peace Prize – in your world?

    * “Restored America’s Reputation Around The World”???? Kinda subjective – don’t you think?
    If I showed you a gallery of pictures by which People Of Color are seen “Burning The Face Of American Imperialism in effigy” and the face is President Obama – just as it was Bush – DOES THE FACT that EUROPE is no longer protesting against American Imperialism but the protests are limited to Yemen, Pakistan and Egypt – does this provide the reason why this “Reputation” claim was important to you? (The fact that Europe now likes America)

  • Mike’s America

    What a laugh! Is this “The Onion?”
    If Obama has restored America’s reputation worldwide why are Muslims ripping the flags from our embassies and burning them? That NEVER happened during the Bush years!