Former Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter Dead at 82

Arlen Specter, member of the United States Sen...
Former Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter Dead at 82. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Former Pennsylvania senator Arlen Specter dead at 82. Senator Specter, who served as a Republican senator from 1980 until 2009 when he switched to the Democratic Party and lost his primary election in 2010, battled Hodgkin’s disease in 2005 and cancer in 2008.

Politico:  The longest-serving senator in Pennsylvania’s history was born in Wichita, Kan.., on Feb. 12, 1930, to Harry and Lillie Specter. When Specter was 4 years old, his father — who emigrated from Ukraine — took his youngest son to meet the Wichita sheriff, who told the youngster he would make him a deputy sheriff. Harry Specter sent a photo of Arlen sporting the sheriff’s badge to “Ripley’s Believe It or Not!” and in 1934, a picture made it into the publication with the caption that Arlen was the youngest deputy sheriff in history, Specter wrote in his 2000 autobiography “A Passion for Truth.”

Here’s a tweet from Sen. John McCain:

More on Sen. Specter’s death:

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