Seth Mazzaglia Charged with Murder of University of New Hampshire Student Elizabeth Marriott

seth mazzaglia charged with murder
Struggling Actor Seth Mazzaglia Charged with Murder of UNH Student Elizabeth Marriott (Photo credit: Police)

Struggling actor Seth Mazzaglia has charged with the murder of University of New Hampshire student Elizabeth Marriott, affectionately known as Lizzi, who went missing for days. Police say she is dead, but haven’t recovered her body yet. Elizabeth Marriott was a marine biology student, who lived with her aunt in Chester. She graduated from Westborough High School in Massachusetts. It is not clear how Marriott knew Seth Mazzaglia, 29.

elizabeth marriott killed by seth mazzaglia
University of New Hampshire Marine Biology Student Elizabeth Marriott killed by Seth Mazzaglia


  • Rocko

    I know i’ve seen this creep hanging around “Castaways” or” The Barn”. What, may i inquire, is his link to her presumed demise?

    • Rocko — It’s not clear what their association was, but the reports are that they knew each other.