Washington Post Again Endorses Obama, Slams Mitt Romney’s Shifting Positions, Contempt of 47% Of Americans

Barack Obama
Washington Post Again Endorses Obama, Slams Mitt Romney’s Shifting Positions, Contempt of 47% Of Americans (Photo credit: jamesomalley)

The Washington Post has endorsed President Barack Obama, saying Mitt Romney’s shifting positions “don’t deserve the confidence of voters.” The paper noted that while President Obama fell far short on several promises, he was a far better alternative to Mitt Romney:

The sad answer is there is no way to know what Mr. Romney really believes. His unguarded expression of contempt for 47 percent of the population seems as sincere as anything else we’ve heard, but that’s only conjecture. At times he has advocated a muscular, John McCain-style foreign policy, but in the final presidential debate he positioned himself as a dove. Before he passionately supported a fetus’s right to life, he supported a woman’s right to abortion. His swings have been dramatic on gay rights, gun rights, health care, climate change and immigration. His ugly embrace of “self-deportation” during the Republican primary campaign, and his demolition of a primary opponent, Texas Gov. Rick Perry, for having left open a door of opportunity for illegal-immigrant children, bespeaks a willingness to say just about anything to win. Every politician changes his mind sometimes; you’d worry if not. But rarely has a politician gotten so far with only one evident immutable belief: his conviction in his own fitness for higher office.

So voters are left with the centerpiece of Mr. Romney’s campaign: promised tax cuts that would blow a much bigger hole in the federal budget while worsening economic inequality. His claims that he could avoid those negative effects, which defy math andwhich he refuses to back up with actual proposals, are more insulting than reassuring.

Mitt Romney is the same candidate Sen. John McCain slammed former Secretary of State Colin Powell of shunning in favor of backing President Obama a second time, saying he “harmed” his legacy by endorsing the president. Um, has he forgotten Colin Powell went to the UN and said Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and we needed to go after Saddam Hussein? Um, gee, I wonder why Colin Powell stepped down after serving one term under the Bush administration?

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