New York Times Endorses President Obama, Blasts Mitt Romney as Tying Himself to Ultraconservative Forces in GOP

Mitt Romney - Caricature

Mitt Romney – Caricature (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

New York Times endorses President Obama:  The New York Times endorses President Obama for reelection saying he has “shown firm commitment to help foster growth and has “impressive achievements despite the implacable wall of refusal erected by Congressional Republicans.” The paper slammed Mitt Romney saying he has gotten this far with “a guile that allows him to say whatever he thinks an audience wants to hear.” In other words, the many, many Mitt Romneys.

New York Times:  President Obama has shown a firm commitment to using government to help foster growth. He has formed sensible budget policies that are not dedicated to protecting the powerful, and has worked to save the social safety net to protect the powerless. Mr. Obama has impressive achievements despite the implacable wall of refusal erected by Congressional Republicans so intent on stopping him that they risked pushing the nation into depression, held its credit rating hostage, and hobbled economic recovery.

Mitt Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts, has gotten this far with a guile that allows him to say whatever he thinks an audience wants to hear. But he has tied himself to the ultraconservative forces that control the Republican Party and embraced their policies, including reckless budget cuts and 30-year-old, discredited trickle-down ideas. Voters may still be confused about Mr. Romney’s true identity, but they know the Republican Party, and a Romney administration would reflect its agenda. Mr. Romney’s choice of Representative Paul Ryan as his running mate says volumes about that.


Mr. Romney has no plan for covering the uninsured beyond his callous assumption that they will use emergency rooms. He wants to use voucher programs to shift more Medicare costs to beneficiaries and block grants to shift more Medicaid costs to the states.

There shouldn’t be any doubt in the minds of the undecided voters of who would stand up and fight for them. If they are in the 47 percent of Americans Mitt Romney called deadbeats, or the 30 percent his running mate Paul Ryan called takers, then the GOP presidential candidate isn’t your man.

The endorsement comes as the Obama campaign released a brutal ad slamming Mitt Romney. The ad will air in key swing states of Ohio, Florida, Iowa and Virginia. The commercial, titled “Remember,” details President Barack Obama’s main talking points against Mitt Romney: A voucher-like approach to Medicare, tax cuts for the wealthy at the expense of the middle class, slashing the education budget, and rolling back regulations on bank

Watch Obama brutal campaign ad “Remember:”

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