Atlanta Police Officers Richard Halford and Shawn Smiley Killed in Helicopter Crash

Atlanta police officers Richard Halford and Shawn Smiley
Atlanta Police Officers Richard Halford and Shawn Smiley killed in chopper crash looking for missing 9 year old. (Photo credit:  APD)

The Atlanta Police Department officers killed in a chopper crash in Atlanta have been identified as Officers Richard Halford and Shawn Smiley. The officers were killed just after 10:30 p.m. Saturday night near the intersection of Martin Luther King Drive and Hamilton E. Holmes Drive, while officers were looking for a missing nine year old boy. Witnesses said the chopper fell out of the sky, hitting powerlines as it came down, WSB-TV reports. The boy, identified as Javare Shakir-Fulford, has since been found safe.


  • Kat Herdt

    I used to work with Shawn at QT 5-6 years ago. I heard this on the radio today and was shocked. I hadn’t kept up with Shawn since I left QT and of course I regret it now. My heart goes out to his family, he will be missed.