UPDATED: Camilia Terry, Mother of Missing Toddler Emilliano Terry, Arrested on Aggravated Murder Charges

Emilliano terry mother arrested
Camilia Terry, Mother of Missing Toddler Emilliano Terry, Arrested on Aggravated Murder Charges

URGENT:  Camilia Terry, mother of toddler Emilliano Terry, who she claimed went missing from Kossuth Park in Cleveland, has been arrested on aggravated murder charges in his death.

Fox 8:  The investigator also tells us that Terry admitted to disposing of the boy’s body, but does not admit to killing the child. The investigator goes on to tell us the mother failed a polygraph test.

The police said at a press conference that the body of Emilliano Terry was found wrapped in multiple plastic bags at the waste management treatment plant in Oakwood Village. The police said the mother is in custody and charges will be filed shortly. The police detected inconsistencies in her statements earlier today. FBI agents observed a garbage truck leaving her apartment and they contacted Waste Management and were able to isolate the contents of the truck. That’s when they found Emilliano Terry’s body and tentatively identified him at 6:41 p.m. Her two other children are in the care of Child Services.

Camilia Terry is 20 years old with two other children besides the deceased child, ages five and a newborn. She had her oldest child when she was 15. Camilia Terry was in foster care until she was 19:

Cleveland Plain Dealer:  Also Monday, officials said that Camilia Terry was in the custody of Cuyahoga County’s Children and Family Services from 2009 until February, when she was 19, said agency spokeswoman Mary Louise Madigan.

In May, Terry, 20, who has two other sons — ages 5 and 5 months — called the agency’s hotline, asking for supportive services, Madigan said. She is still in touch with her former foster parents, and the case remains open.

UPDATE# 1 (11/27/2012) Hat tip to Deborah Latham-White for sending me this link:  http://voices.yahoo.com/putting-child-/adoption-143449.html?cat=25%2F.  It seems someone named Camilia Terry left a comment on the Yahoo News article about adoption on November 21, 2012, saying she had a three year old son she wanted to put up for adoption because he had a lot of problems and the father was rarely around. Here’s the comment:

camilia adoption comment
Someone named Camilia Terry leaves comment on Yahoo article about adoption on November 21, 2012.

UPDATE#2 (11/28/12):  Emilliano Terry’s father, Shawn Dotson, surfaces and claims Camilia Terry kept the child away from him. Told News Net 5 he didn’t know they still lived in Cleveland area. http://hinterlandgazette.com/2012/11/shawn-dotson-dad-murdered-toddler-emilliano-terry-camilia-terry-child.html

Police investigation into disappearance of Emilliano Terry: