Cold Spring MN Police Officer Tom Decker Ambushed and Killed by Ryan Michael Larson

Cold Spring police officer Tom Decker
This photo provided by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety shows Cold Spring, Minn., police officer Tom Decker who was shot twice and died Thursday, Nov. 29, 2012 in “ambush killilng.”

FALLEN LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER:  Police Officer Tom Decker was killed late Thursday in Cold Spring, Minn., after he was ambushed by an allegedly suicidal man, Ryan Michael Larson, 34, who is currently being held on suspicion of second-degree murder.

Officer Decker, a six year veteran of the force, was responding to a report of a suicidal man, when he was shot twice after getting out of his squad car near the subject’s apartment. He died at the scene.

Officer Tom Decker is survived by his wife and four children.


  • This headline is very poor journalism. Larson was arrested as a suspect, but not convicted- journalistic standards demand you refer to him as a suspect, not assume his guilt. Moreover, he has since been released. At any rate, this blurb is a serious breach of journalistic ethics.

    • Ryan

      You know what else is a very poor choice…. Using my name and tragic events in my life that I should’ve never been a part of in your stupid fucking songs!