Dallas Police Lt. Regina Smith Suspended Over Second Career as Gangsta Rapper

Lt. Regina Smith as gangsta rapper Lucille Baller
Dallas Police Lt. Regina Smith Suspended Over Second Career as Gangsta Rapper, Lucille Baller

Dallas Police Lt.  Regina Smith was suspended after her bosses discovered she had another career — as a gangsta rapper. At the center of this suspension are two music videos in which she appeared dressed in provocative clothing and firing her gun. She also performed in one video in her alter ego “Lucille Baller.”

Daily Mail:  ‘Don’t push Ms. Lucy because you won’t like the consequences,’ she raps. ‘Don’t you mess with me or I will shoot a [expletive] cuz Lucille Baller, she been to hell and back.’

That video has since been withdrawn from Smith’s website Big Rush In Global Media, a music production company she named after her dead husband. Senior Cpl. Norm Smith, known as the Big Russian, was fatally shot while trying to serve a robbery warrant in January 2009.

A renowned criminologist has criticized Smith, saying he believes she is sending a bad message to the community she polices.

‘You could have kids in the community saying, “Hey, this police officer is talking about shooting people, why can’t we?”‘ Dr. Sam Walker, Emeritus Professor of Criminal Justice as the University of Nebraska told News 8.

There are no words to describe this hot mess, other than Lt. Regina Smith is sending the wrong message to young people and she can’t have it both ways. Either be a gangsta rapper or a police officer.

Here’s “Lucille Baller” in action:

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    Poor thing. Greving Widows seem to make great news in Dallas. Bravo A__holes.

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    Results of affirmative action.