Election 2012

It’s almost over. Soon we will be able to breathe and watch TV without constant reminders of the game of politics.  This election season has lasted longer than previous ones as the canvassing for electoral votes began two years ago. A media campaign based on candidates’ special interests ruled the airwaves as advertising became the best way to get their message across. Our media spectrum inclusive of social and recreational media became the venue for all forms of politicking. Ads and more ads permeated the airwaves as the election discourse began in earnest.

At first,my interest was piqued but I soon became tired as the ad making became savage and individual reputations were tarnished and the facts became reduced to misstatements or they simply gave way to what was more headline grabbing.  Nothing in this election cycle has shown the angst both parties have of each other as ads generated by super PACs and their creative machines.

At some point in our national discourse, we have to become more civil and more caring of the ways in which we respond to people with whom we disagree. I am not sure much is gained by lying and twisting the story to spin it to one audience taking advantage of  their lack of savvy or lack of access to media. I think that spells a certain kind of mental manipulation and it somehow reminds us of a time when leaders in a feudal society assumed that because of their position they had the right to rule based on their position of birth. This thinking gave way to the idea that because I am privileged I have the right  take away from those who have not.

If one thing became clear to me, in this election cycle, it’s that it created a mental thought process which indicated that most of us would prefer to be among those who have than not to have. It is clear that American life is slowly becoming more about those who have and those who don’t. It is becoming more and more important that we educate our children so that they will have a better life and they will have access to the corridors of power. Somehow we have created a mindset in this country that to be American means that you are rich and have more than your neighbor.

We seem to have forgotten where we came from. A nation built on the disenchanted former citizens of Europe  who travelled many miles across seas seeking to build a new life in a society free from the guaranteed inherited wealth and power status  prevalent in European societies. Of course upon arrival, they were met by citizens of the land who extended a hand of friendship in the belief that we can all coexist. Later, Africans were brought against their will but who by virtue of their birth and sacrifice became citizens and who had to fight for their rights to be included in the  politics of the time.

Lest we forget this how America was founded. Hence the prevailing idea of  a society that  welcomed immigrants and women who worked hard, side by side  to retain and build a nation in keeping with  sound moral values operating on the belief  that each man is his brother’s keeper.

This was lost during this election cycle. As the season of giving thanks nears, let us return to the values on which this nation was built. Let us remember to give a helping hand, that all mankind is  created equal and that we hold these rights to be true, that all are entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

What ever Tuesday night’s outcome, I pray peace.


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