Foul-Mouth Singer Chris Brown Now Compares Himself to Tupac Shakur

Chris Brown now claims there’s only one person who can understand why he does the things he does –  deceased rapper Tupac Shakur. Brown wrote, “That awkward moment when the only person you can relate to in the world is dead.” That’s laughable on so many levels. Tupac Shakur like Elvis Presley was just an entertainer. He wasn’t god. He had some conscious rap songs, but he was a man with issues.

Um, Chris Brown hasn’t sung anything that is remotely conscious and uplifting. So, no, he is nothing like Tupac Shakur. That’s an insult. It’s interesting that the best photograph of his “idol” he could come up with is the one where he’s flipping the bird. He posted this on Instagram (since he deleted his Twitter account after a lewd Twitter fight Sunday with a comedic writer.):

Chris Brown Instagram Tupac Shakur
Foul-Mouth Singer Chris Brown Now Compares Himself to Deceased Rapper Tupac Shakur(Photo credit: Instagram)