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Gun Sales Expected to Rise with President Obama’s Reelection, Applications Rose 18.4% in October

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Gun Sales Expected to Rise with President Obama’s Reelection, Applications Rose 18.4% in October (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When President Obama won his historic election in 2008, gun sales increased in record numbers. Well, the same trend is heating up in after his reelection Tuesday.  According to data released by the FBI, in October, the number of firearms background checks performed on potential gun buyers across the U.S. increased 18.4%.  The number of applications for gun ownership is considered an indicator for future gun sales. Experts believe the spike in applications is linked to nervousness that the Obama administration might try to tighten gun control laws. In 2008, after President Obama was first elected, the FBI conducted 12.7 million background checks for that year alone, compared to 11.2 million in 2007, a 13.4% increase.


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  • http://functionalculture.blogspot.com Constructive_Feedback


    While I agree that there are Right Wing forces that rile up their base about Obama taking their guns so that the sales of guns can go through the roof – I am trying to figure out how they are any different from you and other propaganda sites that riled up your base about the fears of the alternative to Obama so that they could contribute their valuables to the Democrats?

    ARE YOU SAYING that these gun sales will result in MORE BLACK PEOPLE BEING KILLED?

    In as much as this is not likely the case – why aren’t you similarly impassioned about the channels through which people are compelled to purchase guns and they end up killing Black people? Like the videos from Chief Keef and the late Lil JoJo? He was murdered in Chicago after a series of “beef videoes” in which each side made “finger pulling a trigger” moves to taught the other.

    Tell me Janet – is what White people do of SUPERIOR interest to you than these other actions that lead to MURDERED BLACK PEOPLE?