Jill Kelley Hires Judy Smith, Crisis Management Firm Founder, Whose Life Parallels “Scandal” TV Show

Kerry Washington

Jill Kelley Hires Judy Smith, Crisis Management Firm Founder, Whose Life Parallels “Scandal” TV Show [Kerry Washington] (Photo credit: Reza Vaziri)

Scandal hits real-life:  The David Petraeus and Paula Broadwell scandal that ensnared Jill Kelley has reached television drama “Scandal,” which stars Kerry Washington as Washington D.C. crisis firm, Smith & Co., founder Judy Smith. Turns out Jill Kelley has hired Smith to help clean up her mess. Here’s an excerpt from Ebony.

Jill Kelley, the Florida woman who Sunday was identified as the person who sparked an FBI investigation that uncovered CIA Director General David Petraeus’ extramarital affair, has enlisted the help of Washington-based crisis firm Smith & Co., according to news reports

Smith & Co. didn’t respond to a request for comment. USA Today reported that Ms. Kelley and her husband, Scott, hired Smith & Co.’s founder, PR maven Judy Smith, and attorney Abbe Lowell. Fox News, in writing about the FBI probe, also noted Smith & Co.’s new role in working with the Kelley family.

Details in the Petraeus scandal have been continually revealed since the scandal broke Friday, but many questions remain. The Senate Intelligence Committee will investigate why the FBI failed to immediately tell the White House and Congress when it discovered that ex-CIA director had an extramarital affair.

This is straight out of an episode of “Scandal.” Eerie. I hope Judy Smith got paid up front for her services, since Jill Kelley and her husband have been sued by multiple financial institutions and have ran up their credit cards. Talk about living on plastic just for appearances sake.

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