Casper College Attack: Faculty Member Killed in Wold Physical Science Bldg, Two Others with “Sharp Edged” Weapon

CASPER COLLEGE ATTACK (From Huffington Post):  One person was killed and at least one other was wounded in an attack Friday morning at Casper College Wyoming the Associated Press and Casper Star Tribune report. The Casper Star Tribune reportsthere were “multiple injuries” and the suspect in the attack is “possibly deceased.” K2TV, a local television station, indicated on its website that the attack was a shooting.

UPDATE#1 (11/30/12):  The Casper Star Tribune reports, cops now say three people are dead stemming from the attack at Casper College. The newspaper reports Casper Police Chief Chris Walsh said there were two dead at the school’s Wold Physical Science Center and one dead at another location in Casper, although he wouldn’t identify the dead or the other location. Police aren’t looking for a suspect, which means the suspect could be among the dead

UPDATE#2 (11/30/12 2:27 pm EST):  A law enforcement official told NBC News that a “bow and arrow type” weapon was allegedly used. A press conference will be held at 1 p.m. Watch it here: 

UPDATE#3 (11/30/12 3:11 pm EST)  This was a double murder-suicide. The Tribune reports:

Casper College President Walt Nolte and city officials says a non-student suspect killed a faculty member in a classroom on the third floor of the Wold Physical Science Center and another victim elsewhere in Casper. The suspect committed suicide.

UPDATE#4 (11/30/12 3:32 PM EST):  Sharp-edged weapon used in the killing of three people. The Casper Tribune reports:

Officials say a male suspect killed a female in Casper and also killed a male Casper College faculty member in a classroom on the third floor of the Wold Physical Science Center.

The suspect, who wasn’t a student, then committed suicide with an edged weapon, said Casper Police Chief Chris Walsh.

It appears there was some relationship between the three dead although he said there’s no confirmation of a blood relationship and a motive for the attacks wasn’t clear, Walsh said. The attacks don’t appear to be “school-motivated,” according to a press release from city officials.