LMAO: Karl Rove Accuses the Obama Campaign of “Suppressing the Vote”

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LMAO:  Karl Rove Accuses the Obama Campaign of “Suppressing the Vote”  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

HUBRIS:  Karl Rove, who tried to influence the presidential election with his American Crossroads and Crossroads GPS super PACs, is crying foul, saying the Obama campaign “succeeded in suppressing the vote.” Um, funny he should use the word suppressing, since it’s evident from the deliberate actions by Republican leaders in Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania to suppress voters. I also didn’t realize Karl Rove was the spokesman for the Republican Party, but then again, in an earlier post, I said the GOP had a Karl Rove problem.

Karl Rove defended Republicans’ work this election cycle, arguing that President Obama only won by making neither candidate look palatable and that Mitt Romney, not outside groups, should have fought back harder.

The president’s campaign “succeeded by suppressing the vote,” Rove told Fox News. “They effectively denigrated Mitt Romney’s character, business acumen, experience.” Source

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  • Janet:

    Neither you nor Karl Rove are able to see the real scandal.

    The Black community – after 50 years of handing in their valuables – CONTINUES TO VOTE FOR THEIR SALVATION.

    It gets increasingly harder to justify the lack of scrutiny that comes as Black people are compelled to go into a RACIALLY DEFENSIVE POSTURE based on the words of a THREATENING ENEMY that always happens to be a Right Wing Republican. This while the THREATS that happen within our community in the areas of:

    * Education
    * Public Safety
    * Lack Of Local Economic Development

    are then JUSTIFIABLY put on the back burner because of this SUPERIOR threat.

    Sadly Janet – you are a part of the problem.
    The evidence of this not being the case IS NOT that you would have voted for Mitt Romney.

    The proof would be – As the Twitter Feed of Propaganda came to FILIBUSTER BLACK CONSCIOUS ATTENTION away from the problems within our communtiies that “ELECTIONS PAST” were supposed to solve – YOU would have stood up, filtered them out and gone after the people who have no respect for Black people and thus they continued on for another cycle.

    How might you get any credibility back Janet?